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Congrats CPUsage


Last week Portland, OR-based startup CPUsage announced the launch of public beta for their high-performance and high-throughput computing platform. CPUsage offers an easy to use Platform-as-a-Service that empowers software developers, scientists, and researchers to quickly and easily compute on any cloud, at any scale, in a matter of minutes.

CPUsage eliminates the need for months of upfront engineering effort and the hours of weekly maintenance it takes for other cloud computing platforms, making powerful cloud computing available and affordable for any size organization. The company also announced, for the first time, that they have closed $925,000 in venture capital from leading Silicon Valley investors.

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CPUsage came out of  Startup Weekend Portland back in 2011 and is  now, a completely different company.

Co-Founder & CEO, Jeff Martens, says he achieved his goals by continuing to find the right product/market fit.

“Truth is, we’ve abandoned everything that we came out of Startup Weekend with. Today we are a totally different company….and that’s okay! We had to be flexible, and most importantly listen to our customers. Customer validation doesn’t end at at Startup Weekend…in fact, thats just the beginning!”

Next up for CPUsage is an intense focus on customers and on-boarding process. To make that happen, CPUsage will be expanding their team by a few members. On the product side, the company will be adding support for more infrastructures, including Windows Azure and Google Compute Engine.

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  • Shashi Jain

    One minor clarification. CPUsage was born at Portland Startup Weekend March 2010, which was run by Marc Nager himself. Lots of good stuff has happened since then! Congrats Jeff and team!