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For many women the prospect of founding their own company is more exciting than an ordinary career in business. In this blog series we want to find out about the entrepreneurial spirit that drives these women and the ideas they pursue. Learn how they got started, their experience as female founders, and what they wish they’d known before entering the start-up world.


Sandra Roggow had a dream. She always knew she will be founding something, she will be having her own business. After six months from the release of her website, I can witness that she stays confident and faithful to her project and above all, very proud. Kitchennerds is a platform that puts together professional chefs with food lovers. It puts at anyone’s disposition the opportunity to enjoy of an elaborated menu, freshly cooked by your private chef at the commodity of your own place.

Today I’m talking with Sandra at Pauline to get to know more about her adventure as entrepreneur.

Hi Sandra, how did you come to the idea of founding Kitchennerds? Did it happen spontaneously?

Hi Sabela, to be honest it was a mix of things which made me think of bringing Kitchennerds to live. My aim with Kitchennerds is try to convince people of bringing fresh ingredients back into their kitchens. In the last time I realized we are abusing from the consumption of preserved food. By having your own chef at home you can always have a look over his shoulder and observe how the magic happens. There was also another problem I wanted to solve: the fact I could not find a good database with chefs when I wanted to book one (which I had to do in one of my previous jobs). What I mean is that most of the times there was no photos of the chefs, not even an example of the menu they where able to cook and also no prices. I felt the need to make it all more transparent and the whole selection process easier and enjoyable. Being myself a big food fan have of course helped a lot in the way towards my business idea since quality, good service and fresh ingredients have always being key to me.

So Kitchennerds really looks as a solution for many problems…

Of course! Kitchennnerds makes reachable for everyone to eat like in the best restaurant with the fun of the chef interaction and the security that you know who is coming to your kitchen thanks to the videos that we display from every chef in our website. Not forgetting that everything happens at the commodity of your own home. It is ideal for any occasion and any pocket.

Mirja Hoechst -Fotografie-24
Foto by Mirja Hoechst

It sounds great! And tell me Sandra, being honest, how difficult was for you to move from the idea to its actual implementation?  

Well, it has been until now very simple because I had the right contacts and help. It is now, six months after the launch of the Website, when it is starting to turn more complicated as I thought and some questions I didn’t ask me before are coming into my mind. Where can I find contacts for PR? Where to find collaboration partners? How to offer the service in oder cities in Germany?…

From where has you received most of the help?

I need to recognize I was very lucky! My boyfriend is a business angel and he is the one who has helped me the most. Without him I could not have been able to make it.

Have you ever had other ideas before Kitchennerds?

Of course I had. The thing is that also to my luck my boyfriend was there to guide me and tell me that my ideas were not that good as I thought. As I told him about Kitchennerds he was there from the beginning.

Which have been the best moments until now in your founding adventure?

The best moment was as the website was finally online. I had to show the world what I was able to do and as it came live I could not be more proud. Of course it was even more satisfying when people who I didn’t know started booking chefs throw my website!

Foto by Mirja Hoechst
Foto by Mirja Hoechst

Sandra, why do you think there are less women than men taking the risk of founding their own business?

I think it is a matter of money and status. In my circle of acquaintances many of the women founders are women with a good financial background. Normally are men who have more possibilities because they still earn more. Simple as that.

 And according to you, which is the difference between women and men when founding?

I think women are more concerned, men are braver.

Would you have any tip for the participants of the SWWHH?

Meet people, connect, talk about your ideas. Find people who believe on it and want to help you but again, the most important: build your network and exchange skills. That costs you nothing and will help you a lot in the future.

 Is there anything in your entrepreneurship adventure that you regret having done?

Not really, we all need to learn from our mistakes and that is ok. Maybe just an extra piece of advice: take your time when choosing your team. If the people you work with don’t share your dream it will be difficult to work with them together.

Thank you for your time Sandra, I wish you all the success in the world. Do not lose all the energy you have!

Foto by Mirja Hoechst
Foto by Mirja Hoechst

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