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This post is written by tech writer and photographer, Ivan Serrano.

Congratulations, your business has grown and you are nowhere near stopping. You’ve blossomed from that tiny startup in your parents’ basement, moved beyond passing out cheap brochures advertising your company to neighbors, and survived the full throttle that “startup” mode has to offer. No, you’ve hit the big leagues, and your company has gone global.

The work is far from done. Keeping customers pleased, happy and reliable takes more than just a few successful business negotiations. Keeping customers requires a deeper respect for them, their culture, their country, their politics… The list can go on for a long time.

Although English may be the universal language, America is not at the center of the world. For budding entrepreneurs, learning the culture of the country you’re about to do business with is fundamental not only to getting them as a client, but even more so to keeping a longstanding and meaningful relationship with them. Here are helpful tips to keep in mind when doing business overseas.



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