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This article is written by Bryan Clayton, Founder and CEO of Green Pal. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life.  I starting mowing lawns in high school and little by little my lawn mowing business grew each year, to ultimately a 125 person organization 15 years later.

Recently, after selling my lawn mowing company, I’ve started the journey of creating a company from scratch all over again. I came up with the idea for GreenPal (Uber for lawn mowing) while witnessing how difficult it is for homeowners to find good lawn care, and for lawn service professionals to find customers.

We are year into the journey of bringing the vision of GreenPal to life. We have launched a beta product in Nashville, TN getting feedback and building the next release which we will launch into multiple markets next year. Being a serial entrepreneur I get asked all the time for feedback on ideas from budding entrepreneurs. The most common misconception I come across is people wanting to be an overnight success. I found myself saying over and over:

“Look, you’re talking about winning the World Series with this idea and there’s tons of rigorous work and execution that needs to comes first.”

My below info-graphic illustrates the arduous journey of creating a successful tech venture…as compared to baseball.




  • Matt Rutledge

    Winning the pennant just means you get to play in the World Series, not that you’ve won the World Series…