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How many times have you come across an annoying CAPTCHA that you fail to complete because you’re unable to read the distorted letters in the box?


You’re not alone. Apparently, one in four attempts to complete a CAPTCHA fail for this exact reason. I set out to interview Howard Kingston from Future Ad Labs – the startup who is replacing the annoying CAPTCHA with a fun and engaging game for users to play while creating a new revenue stream for websites.

They are literally creating a ‘future ad lab’ with an idea he pitched at Startup Weekend London.

What was your original Startup Weekend pitch?

Replacing the annoying CAPTCHAs with a game that has a brand in it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.48.00 AM

Did you win the Startup Weekend? What feedback did you receive from the judges?

 No! In fact we didn’t even come in the top three. The feedback from the judges was that it’s going to be difficult to get brands on board – but if anything that became a big motivator! There was an element of wanting to prove them wrong.

Only twice in my life have I been so annoyed I couldn’t sleep. The first time was when Ireland didn’t qualify for the World Cup after a handball by Thierry Henry. The second was the night after that Startup Weekend! That would be my biggest piece of advice to anyone attending a Startup Weekend – if you really believe in your idea you can make it happen, regardless of what anyone else might be saying! Sometimes you just know you’re right. This was one of those times. We went on to start Future Ad Labs.

Future Ad Labs is on a mission to replace the CAPTCHA with something more engaging and game-like. Why does the CAPTCHA need a makeover, and can you share any market data that shows why you chose to revolutionise the CAPTCHA?

Because they suck, and most people get them wrong because they’ve become so difficult that they are not even readable. There are 300 million CAPTCHAs completed on the web everyday (110 billion a year), and one in four attempts to complete a CAPTCHA fail due to people not being able to read the distorted letters in the box.

So is there research indicating that an interactive CAPTCHA performs better than a regular CAPTCHA?

Yes, our PlayCaptchas perform better than standard ones. Standard CAPTCHAs have a success rate (ie. people getting them right) of 75%, whereas our success rate is 97% (proving people find them easier). Actually in third party research, 91% of people prefer our PlayCaptcha to standard CAPTCHA! (Source: Vizeum insights).

So the Monday after Startup Weekend you applied and were accepted into an accelerator?

I already believed monetizing the CAPTCHA would be a success so I had plans on applying right after Startup Weekend whatever the outcome was. Although we lost the competition, I met a great team – some of whom are still with me today!


We raised our first investment round of $1m from various VC’s. Since then we’ve signed with clients like BBC, ITV, Unilever, Heinz and Nestle, to name a few, and we actually launched a crowdfunding campaign last Monday to raise more funds.

We set a goal of £300k and managed to hit the target within 36 hours – one of the fastest on record – thanks to the campaign being picked up in Forbes, The Financial Times, etc.! We are now onto £400k and due to demand we’ve decided to keep the crowdfunding campaign open for another week or so to allow people to get involved. We hope to drive the total investment to half a million before we close it at the end of the month.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 12.15.52 PM

It definitely seems like you are onto something big! Where do you see the business going in the future?

 PlayCaptcha is the first product – and now we are in the middle of developing two other products.

94% of online video viewers click “SKIP” after the mandatory 5 seconds of advertising. We will use the same PlayCaptcha format to advertise products via online videos more effectively. Unfortunately, I can’t really discuss the second upcoming product yet because it’s still in the early stages, but watch this space!

Thanks Howard, I definitely will be! What exciting times ahead for you. I have one final question, do I have to capitalise CAPTCHA every time?

You don’t need to in PlayCaptcha (the name of our product), but I believe the correct way to write CAPTCHA is in caps.

If you would like to take part in the crowd funding campaign please do so here at: https://www.seedrs.com/startups/future-ad-labs and become a part of this exciting stage of investment for Future Ad Labs.


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  • LikeMyGeek

    A copy of CaptchMe in fact !

  • Howard

    No, not a copy as we’d never heard of CaptchMe until I saw your comment today (2 years after starting the company). As you’ll see our PlayCaptcha gamified ads are very different to what CaptchMe appear to do, however we’re both in the same area of making the world a better place by improving Captchas, which is a really good thing for users around the world IMO 🙂

  • Hi, I was at that startup weekend and it is great to see that business has moved forward. I was in the team that came second. This was a cool idea. If I remember correctly the reason it did not win was that it was already had a lot of work done on it before the weekend. I think it even already had customers (Ryan Air?). Therefore it did not win because fit into the startup weekend rules/format rather than anything negative about the product.

  • Howard

    Hey Daniel – good to hear from you. No, there wasn’t any work done on the business before the weekend (had just thought of the idea 3 days prior), we’ve never had Ryanair as a customer.

    The judges gave the feedback that they felt it would be too difficult to get brands to pay to advertise in our PlayCaptchas, hence why we didn’t make the top 3

  • Jeremie CaptchMe

    @LikeMyGeek : thank you for the dedicace ^^

    Howard is totally right : PlayCaptcha isn’t a copy of what we’re doing at CaptchMe (ideas are free to everyone, each of us has done it’s own implementation of the adcaptcha concept). We’re just playing in the same field – making the world a better place by improving Captchas (and also, making the world a better place by improving Ads for CaptchMe’s concern).

    Even if our gamified ads are identical to what PlayCaptcha proposes (@Howard : let’s call a spade a spade ^^), we do not focus on games-only and have a far larger range of formats available : our proprietary CAPTCHA technology can deliver gamified ads, but also videos and IAB-standards display ads, with or without typing. And we’re still adding new formats and improvements everyday.

    We, at CaptchMe, are always happy to see there is competition in our business. No competitor at all, in a startup business, often means there is no business to do with this idea 😉

    Two years and a half after creating CaptchMe, I still believe adcaptcha is a good idea. I also still believe it can be bettered. So let’s continue and make the magic happen !

    Have a nice day,

    CaptchMe CEO