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Google spent nothing—Sergey Brin just opened up the free graphics app Gimp. Same with Coca-Cola—though John Pemberton’s bookkeeper drew the logo’s Spencerian script by hand. Nike famously gave just $35 to a design student. Which used to be an impressively thrifty figure, until Twitter picked up their ubiquitous bird for a mere $15 on iStockPhoto. (via Fastcodesign, read more)

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 3.43.10 PM

  • Raj Sark

    Interesting stuff, did BBC pay $million to write the alphabets b,b, n c? The actual cost for some folks may be the full branding n positioning not just logo

    • asinox

      Well the branding is more than logo for sure

  • Salah

    This is just crazy!

  • Peter Krajnak

    I don’t understand the size of the bubbles.

  • penada

    Please add Pertamina (Indonesia’s Oil company) into the list: $350,000.