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Beginning this month, Startup Weekend and Startup Next alum, Thimble, will send its beta-users their first ‘Maker Boxes’ of individually electronic components.

Startup Weekend, Thimble

If you’re interested in building a robot, drone, arduino, or 3D printer, it’s a real challenge. Beginners struggle to identifying the correct specifications for important parts, and few step-by-step courses are available online.

“Thimble offers the parts, education, and community to make building hardware fun and easy,” Thimble co-founder Oscar Pedroso said. “Boxes are organized around a specific theme, and monthly contests which give users an incentive to build something innovative.”

Thimble’s Maker Boxes consist of nine or ten individual components– as well as several mystery parts– and are the centerpiece of a collaborative, DIY community of hardware enthusiasts. The Thimble app acts as a gateway to educational content concerning hardware assembly, and is designed in progressive tracks based upon a user’s experience.

“We allow hardware hobbyists and seasoned makers to successfully build and compete on projects together,” Pedroso said. “Our app helps users avoid common pitfalls at every stage of learning, and after each month’s contest, expert judges review project submissions and award prizes and feedback to the top creations.”

Pedroso jokes that Thimble is a hybridization of Birchbox and Code Academy. At just three months old, the company is rapidly exploring the best ways to source affordable, quality components, and troubleshoot the processes for shipping boxes in a timely manner. Pedroso said that developing logistics and hardware partnerships is among the company’s early priorities, and will help ensure that the boxes remain fun and reliable over the long term.

“There hasn’t been much focused effort towards creating a standardized community or platform for learning hardware,” Pedroso said. “People search on Youtube to learn the principles of hardware assembly, and then spend hours looking through parts, and soliciting feedback… They end up learning content far beyond their current skill-set, and become frustrated.”

Thimble went through pitches at Startup Weekend and TechCrunch Disrupt as ‘GradFly,’ and earned honors at Startup Weekend Toronto, and Startup Next.


January 2015 – March 16th, 2015.

3 (Oscar Pedroso, David Brenner, Michael Luskind)

Products shipped:
n/a  Launching first official box March 16th, 2015.

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none yet but we are raising

Open Source Hardware

Toronto, Canada / Buffalo, NY – soon-to-be in San Francisco