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Do you ever look in your fridge and think, damn, rice and veggies again? How many times per week can I eat buttered noodles before my taste buds revolt and become desensitized forever?

Stephanie Richter grew up working in the food-service industry and watching shows like Iron Chef and Chopped. For fun, Richter and her father would emulate these shows by finding random ingredients hidden deep within their pantry to use for dinner that night.


This is why Startup Weekend is a great starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs. Turn something you do for enjoyment into a business.

“I pitched the idea for Sear Slice Sizzle (SSS) at Startup Weekend Louisville and was lucky enough to get votes and bring my idea to life,” Richter says.

Sear Slice Sizzle sends a monthly package with three mystery ingredients to help customers ban food fatigue. Originally, the idea was pitched more as a competition, but the SSS team has broadened their scope so their product won’t intimidate people who are less comfortable with cooking.

“We just want our customers to have fun,” Richter says. “SSS is focused on offering unique and artisanal ingredients, with an emphasis on exposing customers to new products and enhancing their creativity when cooking.”

But, for those of you who have a competitive edge…

Once you’ve completed your dish, you can submit your recipe, along with photos, to SSS’s online community. Each moth, subscribers and public viewers alike will be able to vote for their favorite dish. The top recipe submissions will receive prizes, ranging from free subscriptions for you and your family to new cooking utensils and more!

This formula, Richter says, will allow SSS to compete in the market long term. Customers are excited to receive their mystery box each month; they experiment with different ingredients and learn from a community who loves food!

So, what would you cook up with Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper Began Jerky, Granulated Lemon Peel and Blood-Orange Olive Oil? Preorder now! 

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