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This post is written by tech writer and photographer, Ivan Serrano.

You have finally decided to start a startup. Maybe you have had enough of your boss, and finally called forth a triumphant quits. Maybe you had a rockstart idea that you’ve been pining over for years. Maybe you just graduated college and want to give it a go in the business world. It doesn’t matter. What does matter, is that you’ve started a startup and you’re no longer swimming in baby waters: you’re in the shark tank.

The “real world” of business is nothing short of harsh. There are a lot of fish in the ocean that have been swimming a lot longer than you, and are ready to hunt you down if you’re not careful. Not only do you have to compete with them, but you also have to compete with the steady stream of new fish that are also just starting up. Take advantage of technology wherever you can. Even after you’ve set up your social media sites and got your name “out there,” so to speak – the job is far from over. The take-home message: it’s not easy.

In fact, the majority of startups fail in the beginning. But if you’re careful, and if you keep these tips in mind in the beginning, chances are good that you will be several steps ahead of the others.





  • Ray Antonino

    Informative and concise publish by @laurenhsauser about #startup #sharktank

  • Thank you very much @laurenhsauser for this insightful explanation. Great job. It helps me as I move in New York to launch my startup and work with great talented people.