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The 2015 Global Innovation Index looks at ‘Effective Innovation Policies for Development’ and shows new ways that emerging-economy policymakers can boost innovation and spur growth by building on local strengths and ensuring the development of a sound national innovation environment.

Global innovation index 2015

Sweden has been ranked as the third most innovative country in the world in the annual rankings published by Cornell University, INSEAD, the French business school, and the World Intellectual Property Organisation.movement of 10 innovative countries

The top ten is dominated by European countries, with the US and Singapore the only non-European countries to occupy top spots. Switzerland remains at number 1, followed by the United Kingdom.

The study, which ranked 141 economies across the world said that India has outperformed its peers in the Central and Southern Asian Region (CSA) and positioned itself as innovation achiever in the lower-middle income category. Pakistan is sitting at the bottom just below Bangladesh. While the report also found that the technology gap between developing and developed countries is narrowing.

innovation quality 2015

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