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Meet Josh Murdoch, aka @ProfessorJosh. I first noticed his sketches from the UP America Summit in Kansas City via twitter. Their organic nature really stood out from the rest of the social chatter happening around the same event.



Josh is an Orlando based educator, instructional designer, tech nerd, gadget lover, surfer, foodie, photographer, sketch artist, and all around geek. He blogs about everything from iPhone apps for educators to Orlando’s growing tech scene.

“One thing that sets me apart,” Josh says, “Is that I sketch at events…to really bring in the perspective of capturing a moment, and capturing it with unique content that’s different than what everyone else is putting out there.”

Josh uses his iPad and the ProCreate app to sketch live or just after the event takes place. He prefers to capture moments rather than individual people.


When asked about his favorite moment from the UP America Summit, Josh shifted to a macro perspective. “I like that these communities are comprised of unique mindsets. Tech, education and entrepreneurship – all coming together, learning from each other, sharing best practices.”

The mosaic of talent that Josh appreciates about his community is also an apt rendering of this multitalented Professor.


Professor Josh capturing a moment at the UP America Summit in Kansas City. 

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