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The angel investing community is undergoing a revolution, and AngelSummit.io, the first-ever national summit for angel investing, is leading the way. Plucky, enterprising entrepreneurs are attending Startup Weekends, validating business models, and setting up shop in cities far from Silicon Valley in the hopes of building the next billion-dollar company. While many founders have been quick to embrace the promise of Dallas, D.C. and Denver, capital, mentorship and their corresponding networks have been slower to follow. Entrepreneurs can make these cities into hubs for innovation, but they can’t do it alone. We need to lend a hand, but how?

StartupAngels, along with their partners at 500 Startups, the Dallas Entrepreneurship Center, and UP Global, is convening a national angel summit in Dallas, November 12-13, to explore best practices and build solutions for increasing angel activity in communities across the U.S. The summit features an amazing group of seasoned investors. Dave McClure of 500 Startups, Scott Case of Main Street Genome, Mark Kvamme of Drive Capital, Paul Singh of Disruption Corporation, and Leslie Jump of StartupAngels will be headlining a lively discussion with 150 to 200 of our peers.

What are the nuances of each potential startup hub? What works? What doesn’t? What America’s investors need is information, from local characteristics to national best-practices. At AngelSummit.io, hosted in one of America’s emerging startup scenes, our community will begin a much-needed dialogue on how to invest in and grow our startup communities across the nation. Our partners – investors, entrepreneurs, as well as corporations will be joining us in kicking off this crucial inaugural conversation.

To boost the vibrancy of this dialogue we’re offering special community pricing for 25 Startup Weekend organizers and community leaders to join us in Dallas.

Opportunity awaits. Will you be on the ground floor?

For more information, visit http://www.angelsummit.io/

Mitchell Cuevas
(@mcuevasm) I am the Sr. Marketing Director here at Techstars, am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, and am obsessed with finding, playing with, and implementing all the best new marketing (and other) technology I can get my hands on.