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We’re honored to announce that Coca Cola will be continuing to support the global community into 2015 by sponsoring Startup Weekend globally. This year, the Coke Innovation team is joining forces with glacéau vitaminwater team to bring new opportunities to Startup Weekend Organizers and local entrepreneurial communities.


Coca Cola has always been a company that stands for innovation. Through this partnership, Coca Cola will be welcomed as a more integral force within UP Global communities around the world and will focus on supporting Startup Weekend Organizers everywhere. We’re thrilled to support the Coca Cola and vitaminwater team as they take on a direct relationship with startup communities and leaders and seek out new ways of supporting their journeys.


Across 23 international markets, glacéau vitaminwater strives to ‘enable the entrepreneur within us all,’ because glacéau vitaminwater was once a startup too.  Local glacéau vitaminwater teams around the globe will be collaborating with Startup Weekend Organizers to create unique experiences, hydrate events, and mentor new entrepreneurs as they begin their journeys.

Partnering with Startup Weekend offers a platform for glacéau vitaminwater to provide support to entrepreneurs as they take their ideas from napkin to the next big thing. “The partnership is a great opportunity for us to capture the cultural movement that is entrepreneurship, and reinforces our commitment to support it,” says Kevin Burke, Senior Brand Manager for glacéau vitaminwater.

Both Coke and vitaminwater hope to learn what it takes to be innovative and continue grafting a more entrepreneurial spirit into the DNA of their very large company. Ultimately, much as they are here to support leaders and entrepreneurs with mentors, beverages, access to expertise, and a spotlight for communities everywhere, it is also very much about learning from the real experts of entrepreneurship and localized innovation – the Community Leaders.

What does this mean for you?

As an attendee:

  • You’ll be hydrated all weekend with delicious beverages*

  • You’ll have access to experts and mentors of all kinds at Startup Weekend via Coke and vitaminwater’s global network of talented team members

As a Community Leader (Organizers):

  • You’ll get easy access to local vitaminwater and Coca Cola team members around the world

  • Have the ability to tap experts at Coca Cola and vitaminwater to be judges, mentors, coaches, attendees, etc.

  • The opportunity to save on beverage expenses and have Coca Cola and vitaminwater keep your attendees hydrated all weekend.

How do I get connected with Coca Cola and vitaminwater in my area?

Easy! As an Organizer, you can fill out this form to be connected with the right person in your area. From there, it is up to you to work with the local team and make arrangements for your event.

Want to get involved? Here’s how:

  • Sign up to Organize an event.

  • Follow us on Twitter: @COCACOLACO  /  @CarieDavis2  /  @Kevn_Burke

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