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Another November came, and once again, the Startup Weekend community rallied to host to 236 events in just two weeks of GSB.

Let me write that out: Two hundred and thirty six!

It’s more than just numbers, though. Because of local Organizers, Facilitators, and Community Leaders, the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship was given to thousands of people, some of which had never had that chance before. Aspiring entrepreneurs in places like Johor Bahru (Malaysia), Guam, Tacna (Peru), and others had their first shot at a Startup Weekend.

Whether you Organized, Facilitated, attended, judged, coached, mentored, or moved heavy things and fed people as part of GSB, we hope you left it with new knowledge, friends, companies, perspectives, goals, or all of the above. Whatever you got out of it and whatever you go on to do with it, we thank you for being an integral part of a very important movement. We’ll be here to help you as much as possible along your continued journey.


[Don’t wait until next year to get involved, we’re hosting the first ever Editions Month initiative this May in cities around the world. Host or find a special edition of Startup Weekend near you]

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Now, to the numbers for some mind-blowing perspective:

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