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We are thrilled to announce another ‘Circle’ for Global Startup Battle: E-Commerce! More Circles means more ways to win and Bigcommerce is giving away some prizes you don’t want to miss.

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Bigcommerce, the fast growing e-commerce platform for businesses of all sizes, will lead the judging for the E-Commerce Circle competition, singling out the most innovative, smart, enthusiastic and promising team for a month-long e-commerce immersion experience at Bigcommerce.

The experience includes:

  • Trip to Austin, TX for an immersive e-commerce experience at the Bigcommerce offices. Flight and lodging included!
  • Tickets to SXSW Interactive
  • A personal e-commerce coach
  • Collaborative office space
  • Your own online store with built-in marketing tools
  • An opportunity to meet face-to-face with execs from Bigcommerce to discuss and refine your business growth strategy

Bigcommerce will cover travel and event expenses so the winner can hunker down to make their online startup a success with mentorship from the experts who work with online businesses every day.

“Global Startup Battle provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with and learn form each other, proving new ideas and opportunities to build their business in this fast-paced market,” said Steve Case, Chairman and CEO, Revolution and Chairman of UP Global. “As access to the $250 billion global, online marketplace for retailers and merchants, is increasingly democratized, e-commerce provides a compelling opportunity for young startups to go toe-to-toe with giants in their space.”

So how can you get involved?

A Circle is a themed startup competition within Global Startup Battle. Teams will submit video pitches, get crowd votes, and winners will eventually be named by a panel of industry expert judges.  The first step to entering the E-Commerce Circle is to find a Startup Weekend taking place during Global Startup Battle. There are two weekends available to choose from: November 15th and November 22nd.  At the beginning of the event, participants will pitch their ideas and teams will form around the most popular ones. The teams then have 54 hours to build a company around the idea. On Sunday evening, teams will present to a local panel of judges and event winners will be named. From there, all teams will have 24 hours to submit a video entry describing their company to the GSB Circles of their choice.

To register to attend a Startup Weekend event in a city near you, please visit http://globalstartupbattle.co/.  If you’re located in Bigcommerce’s neck of the woods, you can find details regarding the Austin, Texas and Sydney, Australia startup weekends at the following links http://austin.startupweekend.org/ or http://sydney.startupweekend.org/.


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