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Startups are literally ‘lighting’ it up this year at CES. We’re here in Eureka Park as part of CES 2014 and on one good look around you’ll notice a theme: cool lights! From home automation platforms, lights with sensors, smartphone and music controlled mood lighting, to inflatable lanterns – they’ve got your future lighting needs covered.


Let’s shed some more light on these startups, shall we?

BonsaiLight – “Hello, Power. Goodbye, Batteries.”


“BonsaiLight was developed by EcoHarvester, a Berkeley, California-based green technology startup company that designs and builds consumer electronics devices that are powered by users’ own energy, not batteries.”


MPOWERD – “One little light is sparking a solar revolution.”


“Luci is an easy-to-use, high-quality micro solar lantern and task light. She’s elegant, light-weight, maintenance-free and waterproof.” At only 4 ounces, this will be going with me on my next backpacking trip! Luci inflates and deflates as you wish, making it easy to pack, while the solar power gives you plenty of juice for a long night.



Oya Light – “Oya Lights Revisits Your Lights”


Oya Light SAS is looking to give you more than just light with your lights. Their system comes with an array of sensors you can choose from and the ability to pass data via the light system (or rather, allow for data to be passed only when the light is on and the signal is running). Like many of the ‘smart lighting’ teams out here at CES, they want to be a platform in the long-term.


Oya lights


Exactly how was a little vague, but Smart Lighting hopes to “change the way society uses lighting.” The bit about personalized information on circadian rhythm was really intriguing but, their mission seems to be a bit broader than that and seem to be focusing more on creating efficient lighting systems.
“Imagine a world where efficient, digital lighting makes us healthier and more productive, produces significant energy savings, and provides wireless, optical access to the internet.”



Holi – “Digital LED Lighting”


Holi wants you to ‘master’ the light. They have a bunch of different ways for you to use their system, but the music tie in/wake up feature was most interesting to me. They want to make it easy to change the lighting around you without too much heavy lifting/redecorating. You can snag Holi for a cool €199 (store). I would imagine the price will come down over time, it’s a little steep for a ‘nice to have’, the system working in concert is really slick, but buying just a handful will set you back a grand real quick.



Alkilu – “Lighting, Naturally”


They put it best on their site: “To date, OLED lighting products have been hard to find, extremely expensive and unknown to the general public – but not anymore! At ALKILU, our mission is to make OLED products part of everyday life. We’re currently developing an innovative line of affordable, unique and eco-friendly lighting products unlike anything on the market today.”



Bliq Light (by Tigaro Wireless)


It’s not available yet, but “bliQ is a stylish lamp smart lamp that’s fully conrolled via your Smartphone.” Their Kickstarter is coming up and it looks to be a neat little, easy-to-use set up.



iLumi – “Make Light Magical”


“Beautiful & intelligent multicolor LED lights controlled through a simple mobile app”. iLumi claims to be “the world’s most intelligent light bulbs”. Their display certainly catches the eye and their bulbs have some serious science behind them. You can preorder and learn more about their tech right here.



Lumenplay – “Interactive app-enabled lights”


Lumenplay is a really cool system of lights that gives you a drag and drop interface to change the colors and patterns of the light displays. Long-term, the are building a platform for you to control all the lighting around you. As far as the apps I got to play with, theirs wasn’t the prettiest, but it was the most intuitive and easy to use. Their lights also seemed to be some of the brightest with a great range of color from each individual bulb. They are taking pre-orders now.



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  • Design Guy

    Awesome share! LEDs have made all kinds of innovation possible in the home lighting space. As prices drop and tech becomes more ubiquitous, it’s really exciting to see what people think of next. An inflatable solar powered lantern just seems like sci-fi, doesn’t it? Even companies that started out as old-school brick and mortars like lightsonline.com and home depot are starting to get in on the act, which is great!