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1. I Grew Up Poor in a Rich Person’s World

By Deborah Chang

Digest: Startup
Curators: Zubin Chagpar & Chris McCann

“Entrepreneurs are generally driven to solve the problems they themselves have experienced. The problem with the vast majority of entrepreneurs coming from middle or high income backgrounds is that the problems they choose to solve are not necessarily the ones of greatest impact.” Read More

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2. Did you miss Startup Grind’s Global Conference?

By Startup Grind

Digest: Women Entrepreneurship
Curators: Babs Lee & Lilibeth Gangas

Missed the largest startup conference in the US? No sweat – check out the plenary session on demand. Read More

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3. Teens have a smart reason for abandoning Facebook and Twitter

By Felicity Duncan

Digest: Product
Curators: Sophie-Charlotte Moatti & Reza Ladchartabi

New data shows that teens are moving from broadcast social media to narrowcast. Read More

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4. The Crowdfunding Guide

By Fundable

Digest: Crowdfunding
Curator: Michael Ryan Norton

A general overview of the elements of crowdfunding and a practical step-by-step guide to building your own campaign. If you think crowdfunding might be the right route for your business, this is a great place to start. Read More

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5. Someone is pretending to be the IT guy at Hogwarts and it’s hilarious

By Stephen Daw

Digest: Education
Curators: Aurelio Jimenez Romero, Vicky Guo & Deborah Chang

Meet the Tumblr account bringing WiFi to Harry Potter. And, you thought you had it rough… Read More

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