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You already know Eureka Park is the best lit area of CES, but it just might also be the best sounding spot in the whole place, too. Some slick sonically inclined startups have made their home in one of the 3 Marco Polo rooms in the Venetian that are home to the newest and most innovative young companies.

Here’s a quick look at the companies to listen for in the next year!

Muzik – “Thru muzik we’re all connected”

Muzik is about to launch their headphones in BestBuy and their representatives said they would retail for $299. They are noise cancelling, wireless, and have touch control on the side of the earcup to control your music. They also have one touch buttons to share what you’re listening to through Twitter and Facebook. Muzik says they are “the only headphone system on the market today that allows gesture based touch control and sharing via the outer earcup and our smart cable.” The only other headphone I have seen do the things (touch on the side, pause track on removal, phone calls, etc.) Muzik does are the Zik headphones from Parrot, the one-touch social sharing isn’t included, but the audio tech is further developed in the Zik if sound quality is more important than social connectivity for you.


Drytunes.com – “Waterproof Wireless Speaker System”

Ever had a time when you wanted to listen to music in a wet environment (or even somewhere you were just worried about taking a speaker)? Me too. I was excited to see Drytunes offering, a waterproof (and tough) speaker that pairs with your phone. The case is pretty large, but you can store your stuff inside as music is playing, nice double duty if you have to carry some stuff with you anyway. The sound wasn’t amazing, but you can still hear it when completely submerged, and for the places you’ll likely find yourself taking it, is a better sounding option than anything else. It was louder than a jambox in my opinion and with the added benefit of built in storage space and it being waterproof, I could definitely see taking it on a rafting or river floating trip and definitely a camping trip. Controls on the outside allow you to control your music even if your phone is locked away safely inside. You can get yours by supporting their Kickstarter!


Varius Dock from Enblue – “Universal, Useful, Smart”

Quite simply, a dock that works for every phone. You can support their Kickstarter here.


Sounderbox – “Connect your Musical World”

Sounderbox wants to make it super easy to listen to music with friends. The idea is simple, a jukebox that anyone can add to from services like SoundCloud or Spotify. They also allow those listening to vote tracks up or down. It’s easy and the demo seemed really smooth, we’re hoping to try it out at the office!


Undergroundmusic.fm – “Simple and Free Access to the New Music Underground”

I think this project is great. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, UndergroundMusic.fm “enables people to easily play and share underground music in the cloud. By “underground”, we mean the New Music Underground, which is the explosion of new music resulting from millions of technologically empowered artists around the world.”

Their site is gorgeous and is up and running so check it out and find your new favorite artist and maybe even discover the next superstar before everyone else.


ThinDriver – “It’s ThinGenius”

If you’ve ever dealt with a sub woofer, you know they’re usually pretty big. If you have ever had a sub woofer in your car, then you really know what I mean. Prescient Audio wanted to solve this problem with a better design for your sub. They’ve created a sub woofer that is only 2.25 inches deep and can, for example, fit under the seat of a truck with no trunk space, under a couch in your living room, or in any number of gaps you never thought could accommodate a sub woofer.


Clear View – “Room Filling Sound From An Invisible Speaker”

Pitched as ‘decor friendly speakers’, Clear View wants to give you great sound from something that can fit nicely with any theme you’ve got going on. They call their spearkes ‘Clio’ and while they aren’t quite invisible, they are good looking. The sound was above average, though it lacked the bass I would personally prefer.

Picture [8]

Coin Audio – “The True Sound of Music”

Coin Audio wants to give you beautiful speakers with the best sound. They are bluetooth enabled and they won a design award here at CES. The speaker itself contains a driver the pushes downward for more impact and a tweeter on top. They come in two different sizes, the bigger ones start at $8,000 a pair.

Picture [6]

Brainbox by Sheepdog Sciences – Helping You Learn While You Sleep

Let’s just say, if it really works, I want one and they’re going to make a ton of money. Their site says, “The BrainBox makes learning easier by enhancing memories during sleep. Press the button to play study-supporting music while you learn. At night, put the Brainbox near your bed, and wear a headband that identifies periods of sleep important for memory processing. Our patented, scientifically-validated system leads to better memory retention and efficient learning.”

Picture [5]

Mass Fidelity

With Mass Fidelity’s relay, you can make any sound system wireless/bluetooth capable. These guys had a great demo: In about 7 seconds I paired my phone and had my music playing. Not only that, the speaker system they brought out (to prove a point) was ancient. Their relay can connect the world of music on your phone to any existing system you may have around the house. A little pricey at $249, but they have built for maximum quality and range so if you have a really nice, expensive set of old speakers, this might be right for you. #retrofit

Picture [4]

Blumoo – “Control Your Entertainment”

Blumoo wants to turn your smartphone into a controller for all of your devices. After a successful Kickstarter, the team is launching in Q1 sometime and the Blumoo will retail for $99. I think this graphic represents what they’re trying to help you accomplish best.

blumoo Picture [3]

Musaic – “Your Music, Your Way”

Musaic’s booth here at Eureka Park gets your attention because they have hardware out on their table, which, even as a prototype, looks pretty good. For me, the best thing Musaic has to offer is their application. It is beautifully designed as is the only player I have seen that brings together all the major streaming services in a singular library. Just that is huge value for someone like me that maintains playlists and libraries on every site that offers me free music.

Picture [2]
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