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It is easy to forget that some of the largest, most impactful companies in today’s global economy were once merely an idea on a scrap of paper.

post-it-logoToday, we’re proud to announce our official partnership with Post-it® Brand on behalf of the U.S. Startup Weekend community – a brand that has helped to shape countless ideas for entrepreneurs, makers, doers, innovators, and leaders for years. 3M is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial communities and the necessary innovative spirits that drive these communities forward.

Since the very first Startup Weekend in Boulder, Colorado, Post-it® Products have played a role in everything from the structure of the event to the creative process of the startup teams; whether it is voting night, scrums, or storyboarding, the Startup Weekend community has a second-nature tendency to reach for a Post-it® note at any given moment.

We’re excited to closely tie our efforts and put more meaning behind what has already been a natural relationship. By working with Post-it® Brand, we’ll be able to provide free products to every Organizing team in the United States.

From now on, every Startup Weekend attendee in the United States will have the best tools for in-person collaboration, brainstorming, and planning – available throughout the entire weekend. We know our community is all about ideas and creation – and we’re joining forces with Post-it® to help your innovations take shape.

US Organizers: We’ve rolled getting your packs into your the welcome process, so if you’re just starting to plan, you should be good to go. If your event is coming up, check with your Regional Manager to see if we can still get you Post-its®.

Mitchell Cuevas
(@mcuevasm) I am the Sr. Marketing Director here at Techstars, am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, and am obsessed with finding, playing with, and implementing all the best new marketing (and other) technology I can get my hands on.