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How can we best support entrepreneurship around the world?

We’re obsessed with this question at UP Global. Strengthening our current programs and finding new ways to empower entrepreneurs and thriving entrepreneurial communities is the reason we exist.

As part of this focus, we formed a partnership last year and integrated Startup America (more about Startup America here) and its programs with our UP Global brand (Startup Weekend, NEXT and Startup Digest).

As you may know, Startup America was a three year initiative and has now reached its three year anniversary. We’ve made great progress within this short timeframe and we are now at an important point to determine how we can continue to support the momentum the community has created for startup communities and to ensure continued growth.

As part of the milestone, the UP Global team and Board of Directors have been looking at how we can best support Startup America and the community moving forward. The largest outcome is that we will be retiring the Startup America brand and maintaining community offerings within UP Global’s platform. We will continue to look for ways to support our community under one consolidated brand.

Thank you for being part of the UP Global community and watch for more programs in the future as we continue to look for ways to support our communities across the world.


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