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Innovation Story Of The Week

Out of Startup Weekend Monteral came Sobersmart, a tiny, rechargeable, wireless breathalyzer that communicates with you smartphone and takes care of you, or your children, with options like auto-notification of a parent, one-click taxi and geo-notification of a friend.

“We managed to make our breathalyzer as tiny as your thumb so you can put it on a key chain. This allows a parent to lend our their car and when the child uses Sobersmart, the parent can, directly from his smartphone, send a taxi to pick up his child and even pay cab fare from the phone. We also built options to transform your social network into a socially responsible network when you go out to have a drink. It’s not about stopping people from drinking; it’s about doing it responsibly.”

See more HERE and help Sobersmart win Web Summit!

Community Leader of the Week

Larkin Garbee is a Startup Weekend Organizer and Champion in Richmond, Virginia.

We love her because…she does it all:

  • Runs a co-working space called 804RVA
  • Founder of “CityScrapbook” (Pinterest for cities)
  • Founder of Idea Engine (web design company)
  • She loves craft beers and pickles


A fellow SW Organizer says:

Larkin was the head organizer for Startup Weekend Richmond – the leader for one of the best organizing committees I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She had a clear vision for how she wanted the event to run, as well as how the experience of the teams could impact the Richmond startup scene. Larkin is a pleasure to work with for her efficiency, outgoing personality and desire to leave the world better than she found it. “

A Richmond community member says:

I’ve only known Larkin for several months but I’m amazed at her energy and positive attitude. She is doing a fantastic job getting the Richmond startup community to come together and share ideas.



Here is everything you missed this week in the UP Community: 

Read How Braket, The Mobile Workflow Solution For Schools, Won Startup Weekend And Continues To Find Success.

Photos: Egypt’s Entrepreneurs Try to Build a New Tech Hub Amid Unrest. As the country has undergone massive political shifts, a new startup culture has bloomed.

Global Startup Battle isn’t going to be big…it’s going to be HUGE! We have been working hard to make GSB the battle of the year! New partners like Google means awesome prizes and more ways to win. No seriously, check out these prizes.

Give a Mile is an platform to help people crowd source air miles so they can visit their loved ones who are terminally ill. The team came together at Calgary Startup Weekend and they’ve already booked a flight. Read more HERE!

Entrepreneurs vs. Healthcare — “The American media teems with narratives concerning healthcare; particularly, who has it, who doesn’t have it, and who’s responsible for fixing the diverse inefficiencies within the system. In cultural discourse about such complicated fiscal issues, politicians often take media precedence over the entrepreneur.

It is for this reason that I would like to celebrate an entrepreneurial team committed to making healthcare administration more efficient in the years to come.”


We are actively recruiting for the positions below. Come work with us! 

1. Web Developer – Full time
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5. GSB Intern – Contract
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7. Country Manager Up Brazil – Contract 

Please send applications to jobs@up.co!