Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Startup Weekend in London

Hello Startup Weekend family!

As you may already know, we are hosting a warm-up event and party for the 10th anniversary of Startup Weekend in London, on the 20th of September, 6:30pm at the Shoreditch Platform. Bring your Startup Weekend T-shirt and get ready for some networking, fun, music and awesome vibes!

What to expect

You will be able to meet old and new friends for the community, alumni, mentors, judges, speakers, and get to know more about how you can be involved in Startup Weekend. And please don’t hesitate if you haven’t participated in a London event, our party is open to members from all Startup Weekend communities globally!

As the Startup Weekend fall events in London are just around the corner, we will also be sharing a couple of tips, or what we call the Startup Weekend Survival Guide, so that you can prepare accordingly for your next event.

Fun with GIFs

We also wanted to let you know that we have arranged some serious fun for you. Thanks to Momentous Photo Booth we will be having a GIF Photo booth for you to take photos, convert to GIFs and upload on Twitter/Facebook! So make sure to bring your energy and show the community what Startup Weekend London is all about!

Hope to see you there! Register now on Eventbrite

PS: If you don’t know the password and wish to attend, request access at london@startupweekend.org

EN BUSCA DEL TESORO. Conviértete en el mejor vendedor del mundo (de tus ideas y de ti mismo)

¿Conoces Startup Weekend? ¿Y el metting point para Emprender en Burgos?

Tanto si los conoces como si no, en una sesión de dos horas desvelaremos los secretos más ocultos para pasar un fin de semana increíble creando una Startup en 54 horas;  y toda la información que necesites para entrar en el ecosistema emprendedor de Burgos, tanto si tienes una idea para crear tu propia empresa como si tienes un perfil profesional o habilidades para formar parte de otras empresas incipientes.

Daremos una visión general de los próximos eventos para emprender en Burgos, Startup Weekend y Metting Point, pero sobre todo aprenderemos habilidades para convencer con nuestras ideas y con nuestro discurso, para ‘vendernos’ profesionalmente, convencer a inversores y socios, y sobre todo para convertirnos en la mejor versión de nosotros mismos en público.
¿Nos vemos?

6:30 pm. Bienvenida

Quién es quién en un bootcamp sobre Startup Weekend y Metting Point

7:00 pm. Aprende algo nuevo y ponlo en práctica: En busca del tesoro

  • Sociología y valores para el éxito, con Diego González Delgado, autor del libro “Claves Laborales, sociología y valores para el éxito”
  • “Siéntete seguro y convence”, con Máximo Rondón Aguirre, periodistas especializado en Relaciones Públicas e instructor de meditación.

8:15 pm Networking

Practica lo aprendido con una cerveza en la mano

Sponsor Spotlight: Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird


Bird & Bird at a glance

Bird & Bird is an international law firm employing over 1,200 lawyers across a worldwide network of 28 offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. We deliver expertise across a wide spectrum of legal services to clients that range from SMEs to large international corporations. We also enjoy an excellent reputation with the start-up community as well as the leading venture capital investors in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific built on an impressive list of credentials.

At the forefront of technological innovation

Our specialisms include advising on commercial, corporate, EU and competition, intellectual property, dispute resolution, employment, finance and real estate matters in a variety of industry sectors. Many of our clients build their businesses on technology and intangible assets, and operate in regulated markets. To better meet their needs we have developed deep industry understanding of key sectors, particularly those that have the potential to be affected and transformed by disruptive technologies. We have an excellent track record of advising in some of the most technology-rich industries such as Technology & Communications, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy & Utilities, Automotive, Media, Financial Services and the list goes on. This sector-focused approach is the key to our success.

Our clients confide in us to take advantage of pioneering, highly complex technology, in order to stay ahead against their competitors – we stand at their side by assessing the legal risks and helping to safeguard their interests. Bird & Bird has been at the forefront of legal developments and innovation for many decades, and have unrivalled expertise in advising on matters ranging from smaller innovative projects to some of the largest, most complex and ground-breaking cases of recent years. We have deep expertise and experience in a number of the key issues and developments that are shaping the technological marketplace including:

  • agile development methodologies;
  • big data;
  • cloud services;
  • cyber and IT security;
  • the internet of things;
  • mobile payments and apps;
  • next generation genomics;
  • open source and open data;
  • robotics and software patentability;
  • spectrum auctions;
  • sharing and trading;
  • 3D printing etc.

“Enviably strong TMT practice in Europe and expanding in Asia and the Middle East. At the forefront of developments in the sector, advising on issues such as cloud services, big data, spectrum, mobile payment and network sharing. “They are great – really modern with a great level of expertise and very fast responses.”

Chambers Global 2015

Entrepreneurs Prepare for Startup Weekend Maui at Business Canvas Model and Lean Startup Overview Workshop


A big mahalo to Tarik Sultan, Manager Partner of Sultan Ventures, for leading yesterday’s “Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup Overview,” one of two free workshops MEDB has offered to prepare entrepreneurs for next week’s Startup Weekend Maui.


Those who attended yesterday’s workshop learned the value of the Lean Startup method, a scientific approach to creating and managing startups. This approach teaches you how to drive a startup – how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere – and grow a business with maximum acceleration. It is a principled approach to new product development.


According to Tarik, the most important things for a new startup is having the right value proposition for the right customer segment and, more importantly, it has to be a unique value proposition. It means knowing what differentiates you from your competitors, identifying your customer segment, and making sure your product or service fulfills a need. Ask yourself – is my product or service a pain-alleviator, a game creator? Am I making my customers’ lives easier and/or taking away a pain that they experience day-to-day?


Tarik who, with this brother Omar, have been involved in every Startup Weekend in Hawaii since the beginning are looking forward to next week’s Startup Weekend on Maui happening May 13-15.  “Personally, working with startups is great because I get to put on a different hat every day. One day I’m working on a lifestyle startup, another day I’m working on a clean tech startup. So it’s really cool to see the impact these entrepreneurs are having on the world.”


Don’t forget there’s one more opportunity to get ready for Startup Weekend Maui with the upcoming Pitch Bootcamp on Tuesday, May 10th. Perfect their startup pitches and receive feedback from peers and mentors during this free workshop. You’ll gain helpful tips on crafting a strong 60-second pitch for your startup idea and have an opportunity to hone your presentation skills through practice sessions.  Dinner will be provided.


To register for the Pitch Bootcamp and the 2016 Startup Weekend Maui events, visit bit.ly/startupmaui2016, or contact Jessica Crouse at info@hightechmaui.com or (808) 270-6811.

Post Event Report

We had over 50 people on Wednesday night, after a brief overview of the vision for the region we got right down to brainstorming.  We had put up the four pillars of the Blue Economy, Climate Change, Water/Wastewater, Fisheries and Energy however the group really focused in on fisheries.

In case you can’t read the text in the photo here’s a list of the ideas and topics discussed:IMG_4678 (1)

  • Buy fresh buy local
  • Community Supported Fishing (CSF) with a special focus on membership interacting with retail
  • Municipal shellfish support
  • Import/Export balancing: the idea that the Vineyard should have a balance of what gets exported and imported specifically with regard to fish/shellfish.
  • Marketing: better marketing of the Island and its assets
  • Little Guards: an ecologically focused summer program for kids
  • Nitrogen Mitigation: cost effective treatment options
  • Easement vs. conservation for shellfishing areas with a view
  • Cultural sustainability: preserving the Island’s culture with a focus on sustainability
  • Shellfish / Nitrogen Mitigation
  • Working Harbors: especially places like Vineyard Haven
  • Field Station: used for research, eco tourism, etc.
  • Shellfish compost

There was a great article published on the event: https://vineyardgazette.com/news/2016/03/12/blue-economy-initiative-urges-island-entrepreneurs-look-ocean


Blue Economy Ideation Comes to the Vineyard

We’re getting excited for the upcoming session, check out the recent press on the event.

Startup Weekend Morelia Workshop

Después de algunos meses sin realizar eventos la comunidad emprendedora de la ciudad anhelaba volver a reunirse, personas talentosas que desean compartir ideas, esas ideas que nacen de sueños y que esta noche logramos convertir en pitches. Después de escuchar las charlas de los speakers invitados por Hackers & Founders, preparamos algo especial, algo que encendiera el espíritu de comunidad, el Startup Weekend Workshop.
En nuestro primer Workshop de Startup Weekend la dinámica del karaoke pitch inició tal cual, con uno que otro valiente que se animaba a contarnos su proyecto, después de escuchar algunos pitches interesantes más y más emprendedores levantaban la mano y pasaban a exponer sus ideas de emprendimiento, después de aplaudir a los voluntarios presentamos la imagen de Startup Weekend Morelia a realizarse el tercer fin de semana de noviembre de este año, y decenas se arremolinaron entusiasmados para preguntar como podían participar, ya fuera como asistentes o apoyando en el staff.
Conforme fue oscureciendo la noche notamos que la sesión de networking de hoy tuvo algo especial, que la gente platicaba sobre los proyectos que pitcharon, y otros se preguntaban: ¿Seré lo suficientemente valiente para hacer mi propio pitch?
Agradecemos profundamente a la comunidad de Hackers & Founders Morelia por su apoyo.

Practice builds Mastery… Pitch Competition!! For the First Time in La Paz

Pitch Competition La Paz
July 9th, 2015

Copia de Facebook Page Cover Template
As many of us have experienced, practice builds mastery in every area of life, that’s why with the Startup Weekend community we are hosting a Pitch Competition tonight. This is a first in our area, and we have already doubled our expected signups, so we are very excited!!

Eventhough signups are closed, you are free to come watch and sign up for the next one that we plan to hold on a couple of weeks.

We feel practice does build mastery, incredible ideas don’t get funding because of a weak pitch, this is the way to change that.

We hope participants and assistants would receive feedback usefull to improve their pitching habilities and these would influence in other areas of their lifes as well.

Our mentors/judges tonight would be Mario Valori and Beto Saavedra, well known startupers and entrepreneurs, and very appreciated mentors in the Startup Weekend La Paz community.

You are more than welcome to join us!!


Top 3 Pain Points in the Health Industry

Startup Weekend Health + Fitness Edition: June 12 to 14, 2015. Tickets on sale here.

From left to right, Dr. Bobby Green of Flatiron Health, an attendee asking a question, Derek Flanzraich of Greatist, Michael Kopko of Oscar Health Insurance, Fon Powell of SALT LLC, and Calvin Hwang of CityMD. (Photos by Frank Fukuchi)

We had a full house at the latest Startup Weekend NYCs: Health and Fitness Edition panel, lead by Amanda Goboud and Kimberly Hall. This event attracted entrepreneurs looking to network, VCs looking to assess disruptive technology, and professionals in the healthcare industry looking to tap into the healthcare startup world.

The panel discussion could be summarized in one word:


While there are many problems and inefficiencies in the health and wellness industry, the biggest of them seems to stem from data, which brings us to our first healthcare pain point.

Portability and transmissibility of patient data

  • Information often gets lost or is in a useless form (e.g. filed on paper, illegible). In other words, important data is often unstructured and therefore unusable.
  • Data in health care can be complicated and proprietary. Companies are hiring engineers to extract data, normalize it, and add it to a single common database. Companies still struggle to pull data from many sources and require engineers to weed through and develop common data models.
  • There are massive privacy, regulatory, and security issues in medical data. There are currently no laws about data sharing in the healthcare industry. This means large healthcare institutes are not sharing data and there is still a competitive threat to share data.

The second pain point in the health industry that we heard about was about communication:

Clinicians are not able to communicate easily with one another

  • We have largely uncoordinated health systems databases, which make it hard to share information!
  • It is currently difficult to build integrated holistic patient care in a disintegrated health care industry where hospital system policy, government, and insurance companies all have diverging interests.
  • We don’t have a patient focused healthcare system because companies are more interested in both protecting themselves and growing within their own system.

The final healthcare pain point starts with, as with any industry, cost and time. The healthcare and fitness industries are booming with monitoring and predictive tools that will help consumers assess their own health. How can these tools integrate into the healthcare system and help individuals prevent long term health complications?

Slow adoption of preventive monitoring and predictive tools by the healthcare industry

  • There are many diagnostic tools and monitoring technologies that will allow us to make more informed patient care decisions earlier on. Insurance companies and health care systems are slowly adopting these technologies. How can we speed up this process?
  • While prevention has higher initial costs, it saves money long term. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t want to pay for unnecessary treatments, even though they may prevent future and higher costing treatments.
  • Datasets can now provide inferences into how future complications can be prevented. Datasets can help predict and prevent unintended hospitalizations.
  • There is a small subset of the patient population that incur significant costs for insurance companies. Most of their investment goes to these critical cases. High costs are caused in part by the tremendous lack of health care coordination for the most sick patient, who require the most attention.  How can we fix this?
  • FDA doesn’t have the manpower to regulate apps. Average FDA clearance time is 1 year!!

Take away: People need to realize that they own their own data. When they visit a health professional, they have the right to ask for it. We need to shift the focus from business to consumer. Treatment and prevention lies in the hands of the individual. Companies are now working harder than ever to empower individuals to take control of their own health through prevention techniques, monitoring tools, and the availability of health data.

Startup Weekend NYC health and Fitness edition is coming up this weekend. We now know that data needs to be consolidated (made both useful and useable), used to help individuals (prevention / prediction), and go into the right hands (clinicians work together in a more holistic way). Take these problems and bring them to Startup Weekend!

Startup Weekend Health + Fitness Edition: June 12 to 14, 2015. Tickets on sale here.

Need more ideas? Panelists also listed inspiring telehealth and early detection companies such as Noom, a weight loss tool, BluesStar, the first diabetes prevention tool approved by insurance companies, and ihealth, a wireless prevention tools that sync that with mobile platforms. Other great examples are FitbitTeledoc, and Daybreaker.

15 Things Overheard at Startup Weekend NYC’s Health Innovation Panel

This post was written by Kimberly Kyle Hall, our moderator for the panel, and Co-Lead Organizer for our Health + Fitness Edition, coming on June 12 to 14, 2015. Tickets on sale here.

From left to right, Dr. Bobby Green, an attendee asking a question, Derek Flanzraich, Michael Kopko, Fon Powell, and Dr. Calvin Hwang
From left to right, Dr. Bobby Green of Flatiron Health, an attendee asking a question, Derek Flanzraich of Greatist, Michael Kopko of Oscar Health Insurance, Fon Powell of SALT LLC, and Calvin Hwang of CityMD. (Photos by Frank Fukuchi)

For our second “pre-event” leading up to our Health + Fitness Edition in NYC (the first being a ride with SoulCycle!), Startup Weekend NYC hosted a panel to discuss innovation and growth opportunities in the Healthcare Industry. This was a sold out event held at WeWork Soho Lounge, and included a group meditation facilitated by Buddhify. We were fortunate to be joined by:

  • Derek Flanzraich: Founder and CEO of Greatist
  • Dr. Bobby Green: VP of Clinical Strategy of Flatiron Health
  • Calvin Hwang: CXO of CityMD
  • Mike Kopko: Head of Business Development of Oscar Health Insurance
  • Fon Powell: Founder of SALT (Sodium Analyte Level Test LLC)

After an hour of very lively discussion and facilitating questions from the attendees, we pulled together this list of 15 things that were most interesting points to come from the event:

  1. Healthcare is having a tremendous moment now!
  2. Surprisingly, numbers point to the reality that millennials are not any healthier than their age group was a generation ago.
  3. NYC is a “startup” startup-scene.
  4. Let’s get doctors doing more doctor stuff less administrative work.
  5. Opportunities around the “consumerization” of healthcare have never been so numerous and fantastic!
  6. NYC is offering startups incredible science and technology resources to build amazing Health tech solutions.
  7. It’s exciting to hear about how technology is completely changing how an entire industry is operating.
  8. I am not sure we are seeing another industry be so completely disrupted.
  9. Building a company in the healthcare space is challenging but knowing those unique differences can make or break a company.
  10. Preventive health is a broader and more impactful approach to health living!
  11. We need to create partnerships in healthcare to help push prevention to the forefront of people mindset.
  12. An integrated view of health history is super important to provide consumers with the best tools to work with doctors.
  13. Healthcare very scattered, not enough focus on patients and patient care specifically. Data will change things!
  14. Responsibility around regulations and privacy is very high.
  15. NYC offering next level tech talent and a great consumer base for consistent growth!