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Here are the teams formed & what they are building during this weekend at the Third Startup Weekend Cairo event:

Startup Weekend Cairo 2014

1- Kheir Waqty: Developing a web/mobile platform for micro-volunteering activities, where volunteers can devote their spare time to do some good. It also allows people with disabilities or needs to post their needs and find volunteers to help them with it.

2- Beelvus: Social platform for entrepreneurs, freelancers & investors.

3- iTourism: Using Augmented Reality technology, users can view what is behind the image of a tourist place or even the place itself! For example if a user open iTourism app and the camera saw a Temple,it will be viewed as a 3D model. Videos,Images and text will be viewed also.

4- Taxi share: a mobile application , that allows people to share cabs.

5- 3awez 2arken – عاوز أركن: Ever wished you could book your parking lot in a place before going to a place? Ever found yourself spending 20 minutes just searching for a place to park your car, and wished you could pay money to get out of that situation? Our goal is to help people find a place to park their cars in the busy streets of Egypt. You could either book it from a parking through your mobile, or using peer to peer system to purchase a space from someone leaving and putting his parking space on sale just before leaving.

6- Voiceless: The post-apocalyptic chat application. Chat application with no internet connection.

7- Voyn: voip-based web and mobile app for consultancy. Voyn contacts are professionals, linked their professional LinkedIn profile AND SET THE PRICE PER MINUTE THAT YOU’LL PAY IF YOU CALL THEM ASKING FOR HELP. Callers can search for professionals according to language, area of expertise and price, once you found an online professional you can call her at once or she will get a notification of missed call. Callers can rate professionals after calls and review them. At the end of every month Voyn pays professionals the Money they earned this month using PayPal or Bitcoin.

8- Reuse Art: Marketplace for reused elements like” cans, plastic and glass” , now you can buy and sale trash and have a cash, create your creative art and win more cash.

9- Bubbly: BubblyApp is a life management application which will enhance your attitude and become a trustable virtual friend.

10- Meraya: its all about how we can see ourselves by the others eye? Meraya is a free space where your friends can say what is good or bad about your character without being shamed. they can rank your personal habits from 0-100% and give you an overall review. we hope that looking to your account at “Meraya” will be similar to the look to a “real mirror” ! you will know how really good you are? and what is your current look in your community, you will just listen to the others, you cant change or delete any critics! Meraya will give you continuous statics about what is the most loved/hated about your character, So you can improve to look better!

11- Drime: Time Management gadget that connects to a mobile application that manages your time based on the activity you are doing.

12- ZooMe: A mosaic photo that contains and consists of a lot of mosaic photos, the user can zoom with interactive way to the small mosaics that will be for example flashing to indicate that it’s a mosaic, and then, he can click it to open a new mosaic with a new event and new photos.

13- Noba: web store for the nobian products.

14- Travel Holders: Travel Holders is a website that helps people that wanna buy anything online and bring it to their homeland in a cheaper cost than any other shipping service . the people who carries these packages while coming from abroad will gain some profit.

15- Ersemny: Connect cartoonists and artists with people who want to be drawn or to present a personalized gift.

16- S.O.S: An interactive ios application that helps people in car emergencies in high ways and traveling roads through providing information and helping in contacting the service providers from Hospitals and maintenance centers by sharing to family and friends or even near people to the emergency required.


Hashem Zahran