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People who want to put themselves in the shoes of an entrepreneur and contribute to a more sustainable world, take their chance, have an adventure, in order to be part of first Startup Weekend Education – Gaza.

We have put a lot of time and efforts in order to prepare for this event and till now we are working day and night to ensure the success of this work.  The deep motivation has pushed me to take a part in the world of business, for this I was keen from the beginning.  I thought well of the team that I can choose to work with me for the startup weekend.  I was persistent that the team should be a mixture of youths, females, university students and recent graduates, that was a challenge.  Many people did not believe in youth’s ability and repeatedly claimed that those young people cannot succeed in organizing such a big event.  The challenge was apparent and we have got to believe that we have to learn more things in order to enter the world of business with a strong spirit.  The world of business has been always wonderful and full of challenges and zealousness. 

In fact, it was uneasy to make our choice of participants, however, I had to choose the best.  While I was building the team I focused on two main characteristics. The first is that women make up half of the team. The second is the ability to engage into this challenge. These two points were paramount of significance.

The importance of management stems from the collaboration in order to Achieve Group Goals.  Management arranges the production process effectively to achieve the intended goals.  In team management, I relied on each member to do the given tasks personally.  We wanted to make future entrepreneurs out of these young people, who would be able to take proper decisions and bear  responsibilities.  In spite of those skeptics who did not believe in the ability of the team to succeed, the team proved its readiness and efficiency, they successfully did it.  Skeptical claims were invading us from everywhere, and that made it hard for the sponsors to believe in the abilities of our team members, but we could defeat the negative images that surrounded the team.

In particular, looking at the attack that we faced from the other people (skeptics) who don’t believe in the ability of youth, I came up with an idea to adopt a new strategy that help companies run by young people. As his is what we had done in the beginning within our own organization.

Teamwork and cooperation were our close friends during our work as we felt ourselves a business family.  Each member in the team is significant and we can’t proceed with him/her.  By this, we overcame the feeling of fear from future and that granted our team more self-confidence.

Team members have worked so hard as the image of success became very vivid after a continuous working of 35 days. They worked for long hours the whole day and sometimes during the night.  After one month of volunteering, each member of our team armed him/herself with passion and positive energy that will definitely make good leaders of them.

During work, we had explanatory sessions with entrepreneurs, we solved their problems and tried during the event to make so their dreams come true.

We wanted to make sure that every team has earned not only awards but also more experience.  Thus we coordinated with the “Incubator” in Gaza Strip, who collaborated with us for the first time. So, we have the ability to provide awards for all participating teams, won or not.

In spite of all doubts, we made a success as it was the first time that the “Incubator” took part, they were of great help.  Their assistance added more success to our program and made a remarkable contribution to the event.

Honestly, sometimes things do not work out as good as we wanted when we collaborate with each other, no matter how hard we try, how many difficulties and problems we faced, we could overcome all the challenges and conditions.

One of the most intense days that I face was, when we received a message titled as “Advice for on of the members of the team”.  The message was sent by one of the organizations’ leaders which claims its support for the entrepreneurs.  The content of the message was shocking as it was warning a member of our team of the risk of definite failure which will consequently make the team fail as well.  With his Curriculum Vitae attached, this person wanted to emphasize that the whole team would fail.  Thus the event maybe.  For one reason or another, it badly influenced me while I had to find a quick solution to restore the motivation and zeal to my shaky team.

I rushed to call friends who have companies and experience in that matter as they might have faced the same risks. They directly came to the office and showed their full support.  They talked to the team, recharged them with positive thoughts and encouraged them to go forward in the project. That effectively changed the negative thoughts they had to positive ones.

I want to emphasize on how the community builds a true system through collaboration and the sharing of ideas, decision and goals.

Finally, my team and I eagerly await the day of the event.  This time everything is ready, there’s a real benefits for all for all participants, there are a lot of new things and all I have to say this was such an amazing experience, and one that I’ll never forget!

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my dear friend Karama Fadel and Mohammed Nijim who helped me out to write this.

Ahmed Saqer Ahmed Saqer