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Every month, we do a Community Leader Highlight in Europe. For September, we had the chance to ask Stavros and Maria, from Greece, about their Startup Weekend involvement. This is what they said.

Stavros Messinis & Maria Calafatis


When did you get involved with Startup Weekend?

We became involved with Startup Weekend in 2008 when Andrew Hyde came to Athens to do the first Startup Weekend Athens. Our idea was Blognudge – it went nowhere. At the second Startup Weekend Athens in 2009, we cofounded coLab – Athens’ first co-working space; that evolved into The Cube, our current business. Since then, we have had the privilege to host a Startup Weekend – so you could say we’ve come full circle.

What do you do when you are not wearing your Community Leader cape?

Startup Weekend has changed of our lives for the better and we want it to do the same for everyone, so we’re always wearing our facilitator cape. When we’re not facilitating an actual event, we’re running The Cube or running after our children. Sometimes, we do some consulting too. In our spare time, we run a school for refugee children who have been uprooted by the Syrian conflict. It’s called SOLE Greece – a social enterprise whose aim is to offer a more disruptive learning method than is offered by our traditional school system.

What are your bold plans for the future of your community?

Our plans for the community are to facilitate growth and more entrepreneurial activation. We want to help a team organize a weekend in each city around Greece and perhaps a little further afield too.

Lucia Trochez Lucia Trochez
(@lulutro) Lucia loves to travel, as International Marketing Manager, she focuses on helping startups around the world grow their presence and branding. Lucia studied Multimedia Engineering in Bogotá, Colombia, where she’s from.