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All of us in the Startup Weekend community would like to offer a huge congratulations to Awesome Ship.  The team out of Startup Weekend Hong Kong was the winner of this year’s Global Startup Battle.  But Global Startup Battle is so, so much more than just the team that ultimately wins.  Here’s a look at the competition by the numbers:

2.7 million: estimated Global Startup Battle reach through Facebook campaign
32,000+: votes in Global Startup Battle 2011
21,481: visitors to globalstartupbattle.com
7,000+: total Startup Weekend Facebook likes (Nov 21-29)
5,164: votes Awesome Ship pulled in
4,500+: participants in GEW Startup Weekends
2,815: votes getfood.mk (SW Skopje) got
2,700: Startup Weekend Facebook likes on first day of GSB (Nov 21)
1,884: votes Weekly Eats (SW DC) received
68: Startup Weekends that took place during GEW
50: winning SW teams who participated in GSB
29: countries represented in GSB
9: industries/categories the winning ideas fell into

Here are a few more numbers for you: the breakdown of the Top 20 GSB teams (ranked by number of votes)

1. Awesome Ship, Hong Kong
2. getfood.mk, Skopje
3. Weekly Eats, Washington DC
4. EduKoala, Warsaw
5. Le Soul Chef, Sao Paulo
6. MySollars, Geneva
7. CodeTagMe, Bogota DC
8. Comic Factori, La Paz
9. Peepp, Ulaanbaatar
10. MyBestHelper, Vancouver
11. Bookedd, Dallas
12. Football Star, Chisinau
13. Dropifi, Accra
14. SIFE, Startup Weekend Sfax
15. Green With Energy, Halifax
16. Tapja, Houston
17. FundShips, Bloomington
18. Stash Verify, Champaign
19. Vicube, Ho Chi Minh City
20. PrimerTrago, Buenos Aires

The global scale of this competition is astounding and proves that entrepreneurship is a truly international language.  Thank you to everyone who attended Startup Weekends around the world and who supported our Global Startup Battle teams.  See you next year!