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Too many individuals reading this blog post are “bosses,” not leaders.

There is a major difference between the two.

For the boss, they tell you what you need to do.

For the leaders, they work with you and show you what you need to do.

Bosses tell.

Leaders inspire.

When you think of the best bosses in your life, what you’re really thinking about is the best leaders.

For entrepreneurs who plan to be the CEOs, COOs, Presidents of their companies, they need to start understanding day-one, that you are going to need to be a leader, not a boss, if you want to success.

You need to always lead by example. It’s the best way to establish yourself as a leader early.

For starters, you don’t complain. When you have a tight deadline, work needing to be done, the last thing you want to instill is a company culture of complaining and frustration. No, you want to show that you’re always up for the task, that you’re going to be up for the opportunity that this challenge will bring you. That even in a tough situation won’t stop you from remaining opportunistic and ready to attack.

You also need to show you lead with solid work ethic.

You need to show your team that you’re willing to be the first one in, last one out.

You need to show that you’re a workhorse.

Back in 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies had arguably, one of the best pitching rotations of all time. Roy Halladay lead the way, followed by the proven veterans Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt, and following them, the young-but-proven pitching stud, Cole Hamels.

You think with an All-Star cast (literally) like that, they would just show up to work and leave?


Roy Halladay leads the way. Showing up early, every day. Leaving later than everyone else. Not only did he showcase early the skills needed to be a leader, it rubbed off on the rest of the pitching squad.

All of the sudden. Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels didn’t want to be shown as weak.

They started showing up early too.

They started to become competitive, trying to one-up each other.

Roy Halladay, leading by example, displayed the work ethic, discipline and attitude of a winner, that then rubbed off on the rest of his team, having everyone try to compete, stay at the same pace, and more importantly, move beyond his own capabilities.

It created a culture of winning, a culture of being a team.

Great leaders can do that.

As an entrepreneur, you can do the same for your team too.

Become a leader by leading with example.

Showcase your own work ethic, attitude, skill set.

Showcase your empathy and understanding for others.

Push your team to their fullest potential.

Always go above and beyond.

You don’t need to be a boss to lead. You need to lead though if you expect to go anywhere, especially as an entrepreneur.

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