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The following is a guest post by Investoo.com. Launched in 2013, Investoo.com is the world’s biggest online trading school with 650+ video lessons and 50,000+ active members.

Ethereum, the cryptocurrency created in 2013, has been a story of success in the crypto world. Key events mark its ascendancy but probably the most relevant ones are the fact that key technological innovations at the right time consolidated huge competitive advantages when compared to other cryptocurrencies. In periods of crisis, this coin emerged even stronger. Also, and most recently, governments are starting to legitimize the coin, considering it a credible instrument of exchange that needs to be regulated. For these reasons and others we believe Ethereum is set to overtake Bitcoin’s market cap by the end of 2018 – if not before. We will trace these and other key events that mark the emergence of Ethereum as one of the most powerful cases of success in the turbulent but highly exciting crypto world. Check out our infographic.

History of Ethereum: How it

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