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Meet John Hamblin of Halifax, our Curator of the Week!

Name: John Hamblin

Digest: Halifax

Curator Since: October 2012

Title: President of JH Consulting Services Inc.

Linkedin: Profile


John Hamblin was the President of Clarke IT Solutions for 7 years. In this role, John was primarily involved in high level strategic planning and project management for major clients.

John recently established a new company, JH IT Consulting Services. The prime objectives of this company are to provide IT Consulting services to small- and medium-sized businesses and to work with startup companies to develop new business ventures.

John has been involved in a startup in the area of Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Notification and is currently a Board Member and Corporate Secretary of this company, ERMS Corporation.

John is strong supporter of Halifax and Nova Scotia, and is Vice Chairman of the Halifax Gateway Council, an organization established to promote the growth and prosperity of the Greater Halifax Region and Atlantic Canada.

John is also a member of Digital Nova Scotia. John became involved in startups at a Startup Weekend and has since worked as a mentor in one successful startup. He is a strong believer that future growth hinges on fostering the entrepreneur spirit and facilitating startups through providing knowledge and support.

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