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1. 25 Businesses You Can Start for Less Than $1,000

By Annie Pilon – Small Business Trends

Digest: Small Business

Curators: Marc Prosser, Michael Heiligenstein

Not having enough startup funding shouldn’t shy you away from starting a business. From becoming an author to starting a landscaping business, you’re closer to your goal of starting a business than you think. Check out this post from Small Business Trends to see their set of 25 business ideas that cost between $100 to $1000 to start. Read More

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2. Former Techstars Leaders Launch VC Firm to Back Immigrant Founders

By Dylan Martin – BostInno

Digest: Angel Investor

Curator: Berg Moe

Semyon Dukach believes supporting immigrants is a moral imperative. Read More

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3. In the Knowledge Economy, We Need a Netflix of Education

By Karl Mehta, Rob Harles – Techcrunch

Digest: Education

Curators: Aurelio Jimenez Romero, Deborah Chang, Hrvoje Morić, Jennifer Chin, Jessica Falkenthal

Content is produced massively every day. We need tools that, based on the user’s needs, learn how to make ongoing customized recommendations and suggestions through a truly interactive and impactful learning experience. Read More

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4. How Instagram Learns From Your Likes To Keep You Hooked

By JOHN PAUL TITLOW – Fast Company

Digest: Product

Curators: SC Moatti, Reza Ladchartabi

Instagram’s Explore tab whittles billions of images down to just the ones you’ll like by tapping your behavior and metadata–not the image content itself. Read More

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5. Hot Spots in Emerging Markets: Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia

By Lilian Karunungan, Yumi Teso, and Aline Oyamada – Bloomberg (Insights on Global Emerging Economies)

Digest: Emerging Economies

Curator: Anurag Maloo

Brazil’s political turmoil endures as president fights probe. Egypt plans to sell Eurobond as its copes with dollar shortage. Indonesian assets are likely to extend their advance after S&P raised the nation’s credit rating to investment grade on Friday. Read More

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