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The following is a guest post by ChopDawg.com, an award-winning app development company that has worked with over 180+ startups and companies from all around the globe, helping them bring their web apps, mobile apps, wearable apps and software ideas to life.

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Let’s be real here for a minute.

The media loves to talk about a great, sexy, success story in the modern entrepreneurial climate that we live in.

We all want to become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

We all want to have the next Snapchat or Instagram.

We all want to disrupt like Uber and Airbnb has.

We all want to have a billion dollars and be sailing around the world on an expensive yacht.

Here is the thing, though, ask yourself, why?

Why do you want this?

Is it because you truly feel, deep down in your gut, this is what your ambitions are lining you up for, or is it because the real answer, the media has created this false, almost impossible-to-reach expectation of what the word success should mean to you?

I am more than willing to bet, for the most of you reading this, it is the latter.

Being a unicorn isn’t necessary to be successful.

Here is a great story.

Earlier this year, I spoke at a conference and asked everyone in the audience, how many would love to earn $40,000.00 a month in take-home income?

Everyone raised their hands.

Again, I asked the same question, but suggested only $30,000.00 a month.

Again, everyone kept their hands raised.

I asked again, $20,000.00 a month.

Still, everyone came to their hands raised.

Once again, $10,000.00 a month.

Still, and again, everyone’s hands remained raised.

That’s a lot of money, is it not?

$10,000.00 a month, $40,000.00 a month, that is more than most people in the world earn month-to-month. That is more money a month than what most of you would ever need, is it not?

Here is the thing, countless of our clients are already doing this here at Chop Dawg, those exact numbers, working only 20-40 hours a week.

They are then spending the remainder of their time traveling, with their families, with their friends.

They are impacting others lives, living the best of their own lives, and feel fulfilled.

Wouldn’t you consider this success?

Of course, the media won’t.

That isn’t sexy to them.

Who said do you need to be sexy to be successful?

The reality is, for a lot of our clients here at Chop Dawg, if not most, they aren’t asking us to build them a mobile or web app to become the next Facebook of the 2020s.

No, they’re asking us to help them build a business that lets them live beyond comfortably, to be able to enjoy themselves, and what matters to them the most.

You can too.

You don’t need to be a unicorn to have a net worth.

You don’t need to be a unicorn to have a brand.

You don’t need to be a unicorn to have people care about you.

You don’t need to be a unicorn to make a difference.

Having realistic expectations not only will make you feel much more fulfilled in the long-run but also, gives you a much more realistic shot of hitting your expectations.

Yes, you can shoot for the stars, and you totally should. Don’t let us stop you nor ever let anyone stop you for that matter.

However, be perfectly okay landing on the moon, because, for most people, they won’t even take off.

Because if you do land on the moon, you’ve still made it farther than most ever have, and ever will.

You should take pride in that.

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