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The following is a guest post by Diana Edmundson, an SEO content specialist at Salesforce.

Maybe you’ve gone out with co-workers after a long week and started brainstorming ideas for a new service or product. Or maybe you’ve always been a dreamer—keeping notes and thinking about ways to make the world different with a new company. Either way, if you have the startup bug, you know that you’ll probably never be satisfied until you’re able to give it a try.

But going from idea to try to success is another matter entirely.  There are so many reasons so many startups fail. Maybe they focused on an idea that someone else had already tried. Maybe they didn’t have the cash, or were clueless about marketing. Perhaps the wrong team got together and the dynamics just didn’t work out. Or maybe it was just the wrong time for a great idea.

So how can you ensure that your genius startup idea doesn’t end in the trash bin of history? The ideas and tips in this graphic are a good place to start.

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 How to Start a Startup: From Business Idea to Your First Sale

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