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The following is a guest post by Market Inspector, a B2B digital marketplace that offers the opportunity to compare quotes and offers from quality suppliers. You can follow their blog here.

The Work Habits of Millennials

The millennial generation, which comprises of majority of the workforce today, is changing the workplace dynamics. They don’t believe in the age-old 9-to-5 grind. Millennials are more about work flexibility and work-life balance.

Having said that, they are also very ambitious and look for work that challenges their capabilities. They want to strive for excellence and grow at a higher speed, as compared to the previous generations where people went up the ladder by taking one step at a time. The video made by Market Inspector describes some of the work habits brought in by the Millennials and their preferences in employment.

35% of Millennials across the world have started a business on the side to earn additional income. The top priority when it comes to choosing a job depends on the money they will get, followed by job security. Management is constantly trying to understand how the millennial generation thinks and works, and tries to creatively engage the millennials in the workplace. Check out the video to get insights into the work habits of the Millennial generation.

Video by Market Inspector

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