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The top startup community leaders from North America are coming together for the first UP America Summit in Iowa City/Cedar Rapids, Iowa starting today and going through October 24th, 2013.

This event will bring together top Startup America Champions, Startup Weekend Organizers, Facilitators, StartupDigest Curators and NEXT Instructors to build ideas, discuss future visions, share experiences, and create a network like no other for startup community builders around the nation.

Part workshop. Part experience sharing. Part ecosystem exploration. All fun.
The UP America Summit is a 2.5 day event and is an extension of Startup America Summits. Co-Hosts and Champions work together with UP Global HQ to organize this event.

There are so many exciting people coming to this event! To name a few – Nathan Stephens from Groundswell Media Productions, Martina Wilke from Zealyst and Christine Ortiz from Chiles Prep. See the official schedule here! 

This event was made possible by local and national support. Big thanks to the generous contributions of the Iowa Economic Development Authority and The University of Iowa and the rest of our awesome sponsors.  Also, check out Startup Weekend alum, EXMO – the people behind the mobil app for the UP America Summit!

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