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We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership between Startup Next and Global Accelerator Network (GAN).

UP Global hosts programs that assist entrepreneurs along their journey – Startup Next aims to help founders prepare for and become more competitive in the application process for startup accelerator programs.

Startup Next

“GAN Accelerator companies are leveraging Techstars learnings across the globe,” Dave Parker, VP Programs & Products at UP Global, says. “This provides Next teams with the best possible access to funded programs to help them launch their startups and increase their opportunities to succeed.”

As the numbers of entrepreneurs grow and the space becomes more competitive – the demand for support increases. 

“The accelerator route is not for every entrepreneur, as there are as many different paths to building a startup,” Brad Feld writes on his blog. “But if you want to go through an accelerator, it helps to stack the deck in your favor and I think pre-accelerator programs like Startup Next can be really valuable, not only in helping you fine tune your business, but getting you broad exposure to some of the best accelerators in the world.”

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