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Lloyed is a Startup Weekend Organizer and Global Facilitator, he was one of the first adopters of our NEXT program, which he helped to establish in Calgary, and he also coordinated NEXT in Silicon Valley.

Outside of UP programs, Lloyed finds many other ways to support his community:

  • He’s a board member at Startup Calgary, a volunteer driven non-profit movement with the mission to activate startups, connect founders, and grow the startup ecosystem in Calgary. There, he’s responsible for partnerships between Startup Calgary and UP Global, Startup Canada, and Startup Grind.

  • He brought events such as NEXT, Startup Grind, Mobile Monday and BarCamp to Startup Calgary and helped build Startup Calgary’s new advisory board and operations team.

  • He writes a weekly column called Startup of the Week in the print and online editions of the Calgary Herald.

  • He is also the Co-founder and Co-chair of The Cloud Factory, an enterprise tech conference; Partner at Plug and Play Canada which invests in early stage startups; and Boast Capital, which helps tech companies recover R&D costs from the government.

One of Lloyed’s favorite quotes:

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”  – Zig Ziglar


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