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Our Community Leader of the week is Ramphis Castro from San Juan, Puerto Rico!


In short, Ramphis does everything ‘UP Global’: He’s a Startup Weekend Organizer, veteran Facilitator, he brought NEXT to his region, he’s a StartupDigest Curator, and a Startup America Champion.

On top of everything he does for his community through UP, he’s also:

  • Co-Director of the local Founder Institute, a 4-month founder training program. As part of that work, they recently took the best companies in the local ecosystem to NYC as part of a startup showcase. One of these startups included a NEXT team: Kytelabs!

  • Ramphis explains,  “It was the first time ever Puerto Rico presented itself, as a community, to the NYC community – with dozens of local companies in attendance, investors, accelerators, and others.  We’ve come a long way since the first international article about the community

In October, we were lucky to have Ramphis join us alongside other Community Leaders to ring the NASDAQ closing bell. Thank you for all you do, Ramphis!

“Entrepreneurship is about freedom – freedom to pursue your passions, freedom to change the world for the better, freedom to live a life of endless opportunity. I do what I do to enable everyone around the world, starting with Puerto Rico, to have the opportunity to execute on their dreams, not just fantasize about them.”

– Ramphis

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