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The rollout of UP Europe signifies a shift towards greater cohesion between UP programs and supports the goals to serve more than 100,000 entrepreneurs by 2016.

Today is an exciting day here at UP Europe and we’re thrilled to finally share what we have been working on. We are passionate about helping create and sustain startup ecosystems around the world. Nothing makes us happier than seeing local startup communities grow. But, communities don’t grow by themselves. They grow thanks to the 4000 incredible organizers, 200 superstar facilitators, and countless other volunteers who make quality events and initiatives for entrepreneurs possible.

UP volunteers generously donate their time, energy (and let’s face it, sweat) because they believe in a mission bigger than themselves, bigger than all of us – the empowerment of the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

In Europe, 1000 dedicated Community Leaders organize 300 events per year in 160 different cities and we want to make sure we’re doing our best in helping to support them in their efforts. This is why UP united the popular programs Startup Weekend, Startup Next and StartupDigest. Organizing regional efforts intentionally allows UP to better support community leaders worldwide and better understand what those communities need.

What does this mean for UP Europe startup communities?

  • More activity: New opportunities to be involved with UP programs, partners, as well as any other initiatives that support entrepreneurs in these regions.

  • Better support from our team: Our local team lives and works alongside all of you, which allows us to be better in touch with your (and your community’s) unique needs.

  • More connections: Organizing communities more intentionally allows us to connect leaders to other leaders, resources, and opportunities so that they can better support local entrepreneurs and teams directly.

  • Regional Summits: With the UP regional model comes Regional Summits, which are great opportunities for the community to connect, share insights, and build relationships. If you’ve ever been to a Summit, you know great things always happen!

  • Knowledge share: The opportunity to operate in various environments through UP Regions gives the broader community a chance to learn from one another and share best practices.

  • Community megaphone: An emphasis on storytelling from these communities and regions will help us be better advocates for you, your entrepreneurs, and your startups.

Because we can’t do this alone, we have partnered with a new like-minded institution, The European Commission. In addition to the support from our Global Sponsors, our new regional partner believes in our mission just as much as we do and we feel extremely honored to have the support of such brilliant minds.

Why the EC? For those who have been following the news, the EC has a big and bold goal of their own called the 2020 Entrepreneurship Action Plan. The 2020 Plan aims to support entrepreneurship through education and infrastructure building, while providing tailored support for early-stage businesses.

As part of the 2020 Plan, the EC has developed FI-WARE, a unique, free and open-source developer platform intended to unleash the potential of cutting-edge internet technologies crucial to the future of smart cities, ioT, robotics, and cyber security. We’re really excited for our community to use their expertise and experience to help test and validate the EC’s FI-WARE developer platform.

With so much exciting news, we will be celebrating the launch of UP Europe and our European community at the Google Campus in London tonight. The event will gather Community Leaders from numerous European cities: Berlin, Oslo, Budapest, Amsterdam, Marseille, Bergen, and Lyon, just to name a few.

We will thus have the pleasure to raise our glasses in front of our partners, the supportive London tech ecosystem and our incredible organizers who have travelled from all over Europe to celebrate the big news with us.

Have a question about the launch? You can email us at europe@up.co, we’d love to hear your thoughts.