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Edmonton Startup Week is kicking off today with 20 events over five days covering all parts of the startups including mentoring, pitches, networking, design and event a scavenger hunt. Big events include

And then also the Startup Crawl on Tuesday, Oct 21:
Launch Party 5 on Thursday, Oct 23:
I love how Edmonton is really looking at the development of the startup community as a long term strategy. From their founder Ken Bautista’s post about this issue:

We could have kept organizing event after event. But we believed that to really move the needle, we needed to think bigger ourselves. Which meant we needed to think longer term about what we were building: How could we support what was happening in between events? How could we provide a place where creative, smart minds could gather on a regular basis to support each other, collaborate, and build companies from the ground up? How could we activate a talent pipeline capable of outputting wave after wave of smart creatives needed to start and grow companies 10–20 years from now?

From an outside view Edmonton’s leadership is doing quite a few things extremely well.  First, they really are focusing on their authentic community and really building for a longterm goal. Very few communities have this vision and leadership. The second thing they are doing phenomenally well is getting out of their community to check in on what is working for other communities. I saw them at Boulder and Austin Startup Week looking for what they could bring back.  The third thing? Posters like this. A robot on roller-skates encouraging me to think bigger: 

Edmonton Startup Week

Check out their full schedule at Edmonton Startup Week!


Andrew Hyde