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Seattle Startup Week is upon us! Monday morning starts a five day, free, entrepreneur led event celebrating what makes Seattle great. The week has over 60 events from keynotes to coffee meetups (a bit of something for everyone). How should you plan out your week? The venues are all over town and the events cover everything from the beginning of starting a business to looking back at what didn’t work. The ‘tracks’ or themes of the events are:

  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Basecamp
  • New to Seattle
  • Failure
  • University
  • Startup Legal & Finance
  • Scale Up
  • Keynotes
  • Social Good
  • Women
  • Veteran

Each track has more than a few events to attend.Seattle Startup Week

All week there will be a Basecamp, with a ton of programming, coffee, snacks and more. We are at Impact Hub at 220 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 almost all day for the full week. Come by to cowork, for an event or just to meet other great members of the Seattle community.

Highlights of the week? There are a ton and if I left any out make sure to call me out with your own post! Let me pick my top 10 (but really, I’m excited about all of them).

What is a High Growth Startup? – I met Aviel Ginzburg at the first Startup Weekend in Seattle and have watched how his high growth startup has flourished in Simply Measured.  

Fireside Chat w/ Scott Porad is happening at Basecamp sponsored by Chase. Scott is an incredible guy and I have nothing but respect for what he has done in Seattle. 

If you are new to town “I moved to Seattle and…” will be a great place for you. Lots of other folks in the same situation can share and learn.

Heart Attack – When Rand Fiskin of Moz called 911 –  I’ve been a longtime user of Moz and have a ton of respect for how open and honest Rand is.

Code & Coffee looks like a great gathering of developers just having a laid back gathering over coffee, and I wish I had a weekly version of this. 

Fireside Chat w/ Susan Preston  – This event intrigues me because I have no idea what the Seattle Angel ecosystem is about and Susan looks like an incredible leader.

Women Founders & CoFounder Roundtable  – Awesome looking roundtable.

New Tech Seattle – A Startup Week Keynote Event looking at new companies and a big look at community.

Seattle Startup Week Keynote – Rich Barton – Zillow has been the story of the year and it will be amazing to hear Rich talk about it.

Fireside Chat with Sir Mix-A-Lot – I’m interested. Go on. 

Seattle Startup Week Keynote – Rob Glaser – I’ve watched Rob from afar and been impressed with what RealNetworks has done.

A bonus 11th event: The Honest Truth: Quitting Your Job & Being a Fulltime Startup CEO – I love that moment where people venture out and take the leap of starting. It will be interesting to hear founders reflect on that moment.

Ok, I could list 20 more. Check out the full schedule at Seattle Startup Week!


Andrew Hyde