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Here is everything you missed this week in the UP Community:


Startup Weekend Education Launches with New General Manager!

“The common thread that ties us all together is the experience of learning – engaging in an activity for the primary purpose of acquiring information. However, how best to learn is still up for debate, and we at Startup Weekend Education want to help turn peoples’ ideas about education into action! We are thrilled to announce that starting this fall 2013, we will be giving educators and entrepreneurs the greatest opportunity in history to play a role in shaping the learning experience of others around the world!” 

LearningLoop Captures $20,000 in Grand Prizes at Startup Weekend Toronto Edu! – Via Betakit

“In the end it was LearningLoop – a company that developed an online platform to allow educators and parents to easily share information about their child’s development process in a simple and meaningful way.” 

We relaunched StartupDigest with a brand new look! 

“StartupDigest is the free email of the best resources to meet new people, learn new skills and discover the best startups in the tech world.”

Starting Monday, share StartupDigest with your friends and win prizes!


Top Ten Reasons To Attend A Startup Weekend. – Via 225BatonRouge

“Entrepreneurs. Developers. Designers. Marketers. Product managers. Startup enthusiasts. Tech guys. They’ll be there, and they want to meet you. Startup Weekend is more than just a place to give your idea wings—it’s a place to plug into a community of talent.”

UP Global LIVE at SXSW V2V was a huge success. Recap coming Monday! 


Do you know a small business that is doing big things? 

“This summer, in the spirit of entrepreneurial creativity and determination, Turnstone is proud to launch the “Best Young Companies to Work For” campaign. This award will recognize young businesses that demonstrate excellence in areas like talent retention, positive office culture, forward-thinking leadership, and effective space planning.”


Our office got free ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s!

All it took was our office manager Demi tweeting @BenJerrysWest asking them to stop by. The ice cream truck is in seattle until Sept. 16 delivering ice cream to anyone who tweets.


PS: We’re looking for a design intern to help us build something amazing this year. Want more info and to see more jobs? Check out our jobs page!