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This week’s Community Leader is Tina Peterson from Kansas City, Missouri!

Tina Peterson

Here’s why she makes a huge impact on her local community:

She’s extremely active in a variety of programs in her area.
–          She’s a Board Member of KC Women in Technology
–          Founding Member of Athena League
–          Mentor for the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator
–          Lead Organizer for KC Startup Weekend
–          SQL Saturday Organizer
–          KC Geek Night and 1MC ( One Million Cup ) regular
And she’s been a part of some impressive accomplishments in the startup world…
–          Sprint and Techstars Launch Startup Accelerator for Mobile Health
–          Sprint Joins With UP Global To Support Entrepreneurship And Innovation
–          Pipeline Announces Sprint to Join as Top-Level Corporate Partner
–          Sprint supports expansion of Silicon Prairie News to Kansas City
–          Sprint’s Student Innovation Experience
–          Digital Sandbox KC

Here are some words of wisdom from Tina herself:

Probably the most consistent question I get asked is How did you do … [fill in the blank] ? When you take away all the details of the responses I’ve given to this question, it boils down to one simple response, I started doing something. I didn’t always know what I was getting into or how I would get it done but in the end, it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t decide to do something. So my advice to you is believe in yourself and start doing something.

And her own personal ‘desktop manifesto’:


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