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Home to more than 6,000 foreign invested companies, the Lombardy region is the first recipient of foreign investors in Italy, and now, Milan is one of Italy’s largest hubs for innovation and technology since hosting the universal exposition in 2015.

Milan, the Italian Capital of Innovation

Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Deloitte and Gartner have their headquarters in Milan. About 1,500 startups have registered in Lombardy on the Italian Business Register, and almost 980 of these companies are situated in Milan. For this reason, Milan is the best place to find potential clients, investors, and like minded founders.

The vitality of new companies and their activities is in large part of the positive effect of Expo 2015.

In addition, there are the prestigious universities, the availability of capital, and the excellence of the food and fashion industry. This mix makes Milan a promising city.

High Technology Business Districts in Milan

In the Porta Nuova area, Samsung is employing more than 700 people. They also have their showrooms where people can test the Smart Home of the future. Not far from Samsung’s headquarters are Google’s office and the Unicredit building with its R&D unit.

Isola, one of Milan’s coolest districts, is also home to Rocket Fuel, an advanced technology company that has been here since 2013. Not far from the city centre, is Mikamai, the first Italian digital agency active on RoR development; Wemake is a Makerspace (i.e. a space with various production technologies and prototyping accessible to everyone), and Talent Garden’s Merano campus.

In the area of Porta Romana, there is the campus of Talent Garden Calabiana (with its 8,500sqm – the biggest co-working space in Italy) and Digital Magics, the Business Incubator of digital startups listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

Nearby in via Tortona’s, there is the Italian branch of Uber and Lovli, an italian design store for up-and-coming designers. In the heart of Milan is the Boox accelerator and the Fab Lab, spaces for digital fabrication.

Access to Young and Educated Knowledge

In Milan, there are seven universities that host more than 10 percent of the Italian student population. These universities include Bocconi, IULM, Politecnico and Cattolica, which have helped Milan to secure the 24th position on the University World rankings, making Milan an excellent opportunity to connect young students, entrepreneurs, talent and researchers.

Co-Working in Milan

In recent years, a number of co-working spaces have opened in the Italian capital of innovation: Talent Garden has two campuses (Talent Garden Merano and Talent Garden Calabiana). Other co-working spaces include BASE Milano offering 2,000 mq. of work spaces and laboratories, Co-working Login, StartMiUp and Copernico.

There are also some digital incubators located throughout Milan, including Impact Hub Milano, which is part of an international network dedicated to innovation in relation to health, the environment, and society. FabriQ is another social innovation incubator established by Milano City Council.

Innovation and Startups

Milan’s startups are heavily active in areas like Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and Tourism 2.0.

Alfabot, born in Milan in 2016, is focused on the development of chatbot technology. Today it is considered the app of the future.

Friendz, an app that lets you take a photo, post it, and receive benefits that you can spend online.

Musement is another app created in Milan that allows tourists to live every city as if it were their own, and has now reached more than 50 countries globally.

There is also some interesting news in the world of finance. Satispay allows users to send small amounts of cash to their phone contacts, while also allowing them to pay for goods in partner shops.

What about Talent Garden in Milan?

Talent Garden has two campuses in Milan. TAG Milano Calabiana which features a working and event space of over 8,500 mq. and is the largest campus of the TAG network, which is home to more than 400 taggers and where more than 300 events are hosted each year.

The second campus, TAG Milano Merano offers more than 1,500 mq. of working and collaboration spaces for its 120 taggers, while hosting almost 100 events per year.

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