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“Due to spiraling inflation and widespread distrust in banks, many people in Argentina and Latam – still keep cash under their mattress. Add to this the stiff financial regulations in Latin America and the huge amount of paper money still in circulation there, and Latin America may seem like the last place for a financial innovation boom.” – Sara Lawson, Fast Company.

11183432_374512446089763_8928247120758509648_nThis is one of the many reasons Mexico City’s Team decided to host a Startup Weekend event focused on FinTech during Editions Month; to break the status quo and aim to help entrepreneurs from the city become pioneers who provide solutions to these type of problems around the region.

Having virtual mentoring during the event from Jason Henrichs, lead organizer in Chicago, and the attendance of Julián Abril, Innovation Coordinator from Grupo Aval, the team seeks to connect the Colombian and Mexican financial communities.

We talked with the organizers about their upcoming event and what they’re looking forward to most.

Organizing team members:
Pablo Prieto
Eder García
Marcela Zetina
Elizabeth Becerril

What are you most excited about for your upcoming event?

We are excited about discovering interesting and disruptive projects within the participants’ ideas.

What makes this Edition interesting?

Fintech startups and traditional financial institutions are supporting the event in order to generate a new panorama for the Latin american financial sector.


Check out the team’s story about this event!

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