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Startup Weekend EDU events are made specially for teachers, designers, techies, parents, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who wants to contribute their ideas and skills to improve education. These events are a popular edition of Startup Weekend all year long, but also during Editions Month, as it’s the 3rd most popular theme during our month-long initiative! Education Entrepreneurs focuses on this mission of leveraging entrepreneurship to shape the future of education.

Recife, Brazil is spending their next Startup Weekend event focusing on education and tackling issues and ideas associated with it. Find out more about their efforts in the questions below and by watching their Editions Month story:

Organizing team members:
Raoni Valadares
Luiza Barbalho
Jorge Wanderley
Edson Luiz
Flora Lins
Tâmara Xavier

What are you most excited about for your upcoming event?

We are excited to see how the attendees can solve our education problems. We have so many things to change in our education system, that gives us a huge space to create new ideas. Also, the mix of professionals is a great way to do this and think outside the box.

What makes this Edition interesting?

We have a lot of problems with education in Brazil and we can’t just wait for the solutions, we need to create them ourselves. So we see the event as a great opportunity for this. By nature, our region has people with valuable skills that want to help others. We want to bring these people to Startup Weekend, so they can join the team spirit and know that they can solve a problem if everybody believes in it and does their part.

It’s also more than this one event, we are promoting bootcamps in universities and we are showing to the students and professors a new way to solve the education problems. All the actions that we are doing will make a great impact in the future, and we are showing others that they, too, can make a huge impact even with small steps.

What motivates Startup Weekend Recife: EDU?

Part of the world problems are created by people, and part of the solutions are, too. We are trying to show this to participants and encouraging them to be part of the solution. In all editions of Startup Weekend in our city, we learn this: get out of the box and do something, don’t wait for it.

Check out the team’s story about this event!

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