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Whether you’re a craft brewer, coffee connoisseur, have a great idea for a new product, or the next innovator for beverage products you’re welcome to join Startup Weekend Tampa for their Beverage Edition during Editions Month, to build, launch, and startup!


We interviewed Stasha Johnston, Digital Marketing Director at Monin; a gourmet flavouring company created in 1912 at Bourges, France, that was born because its founder started delivering orange syrups to bars and restaurants by car. Now the company focuses on premium cocktail flavours and exports to 45 countries out of Tampa, having presence in over 140 countries.

Their innovation comes along with the statement, “You can go from ordinary to extraordinary,” which they achieve by adding to your regular beverage one of the more than 150 flavours offered in different options– syrups, sauces, purées or mixes.  

Stasha believes that “‘beverage industry’ and ‘innovation’ are two words that have to go hand in hand, because everyone is drinking beverages, and if an entrepreneur wants to enter the industry they will need to deliver intriguing and innovative solutions for consumers to feel engaged with a specific product.”

She says consumers are getting smarter, so companies need to have more awareness on who they are selling to, what kind of products they are creating, as well as delivering higher quality in every sense– ingredients, packaging, promotion. Her final advice for entrepreneurs joining the industry is to identify something they believe is special and move forward with the execution of the idea before the bigger companies find that trend, product, or service.

One of the major changes happening in the industry is the shift from carbonated beverages towards the focus on healthier and organic products.

The opportunities to reinvent the industry are everywhere; on April 1st, the Daily UK, published an article about 11 year-old Mikaila, a girl from Texas, who got an investment of $11 million from Whole Foods to sell her lemonade sweetened with honey.

The organizing team of Tampa’s Startup Weekend Beverage Edition is partnering with some of the best in the beverage, tech, and business communities to give you all the resources and advice you’ll need to launch your business in 54 hours. You can learn more about the event below.

What are you most excited about for your upcoming event?

We’re excited to see Tampa’s beverage community come together for this event! We’ve got a blooming beverage community here in Tampa and I know that we’re going to have some incredible businesses emerge from this event. We’re hoping to see everything from craft brewers, to new health drinks, to beverage products, to beverage tech at this edition.

What makes this Edition interesting?

This event is going to be a hub for beverage startups in the US. There aren’t many places you can go to gain this kind of exposure to other beverage enthusiasts and established players in the industry so this will be the ideal place to come and launch a new beverage related company.

Organizing team members:

Expect a ton of free samples during our event! For more information and to purchase tickets click here.

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