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Hello again,

We’ve analyzed your feedback and we’ve learned that the venuewe choose is important as well as free waterand coffee. These 2 are almost essential for “working” over the weekend. food is not that salient because the studies has shown that a living being can resist without  food  at least 54 hours.

We found out that T-shirts  and swag are not that significant as the prizes are. The mentoring sessions with international mentor are really important. They bring bling blingin the contest.

Most of you didn’t know about the  pre-event  and the ones who knew considered them useful. So, we figured we’ll just shout here. The first pre-event will be about what does Startup Weekend mean and what are our plans for April. This pre-event will be on the 2nd of March at 19:00.
For more information about this pre-event, you can enter here: 

Also, the average price of a ticketsshould be around 30-35 Euros.

Did we get it right?
Let us know 🙂
Feedback matters

Andrada Olteanu