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Our community leaders are our force around the world. Get to know Daniel Kyne, who leads our efforts in Dublin, Ireland.

1. When did you get involved with Startup Weekend?

The first Startup Weekend I attended was in Cork in March 2014. I was only 16 years old, and with only 10 days to go until the event (which was on the other side of the country) I saw a Facebook post offering 20% off tickets and I convinced my parents to cover the cost of a train ticket and a 2 day hotel room. I didn’t know anybody going and managed to make it over an hour early even though I got lost twice on the way! I pitched an idea, begged enough people for votes and ended up with the largest team of the event. The first-timer nerves were pretty bad on Sunday, but I represented my team and we won the award for Best Pitch! There was no turning back after that, I had caught the SW bug and preceded to attend, pitch and scoop some accolades at SWs all over Ireland over the coming few years.

2. What do you do when you’re not wearing your Community Leader hat?

I always like to wear multiple hats at once! I’m currently in my second of four years at Dublin City University, where I am studying Marketing, Innovation & Technology. I’m Team Leader at Enactus DCU, which brings students together to create social enterprise startups that empower people through entrepreneurial action. As Team Leader at Enactus, I oversee 10 projects being run by over 60 students, which work to improve the lives of asylum seekers, ex-prisoners, homeless people and more. As a student, something has to put pints on the table at the end of the day – the full time job is with Dublin Tech Summit, Ireland’s largest technology conference, where I manage the Speaker and Startup departments of the event. Also, myself and the Startup Digest Dublin curators are currently putting together an ambassador programme to help spread the word about how amazing Startup Digest is as a community resource!

3. Tell us about your plans and dreams for your community in 2018.

As someone who got involved in Startup Weekend when I was 16 years old and is still very much involved today at 20 years of age, my passion lies particularly in the Youth and Student verticals. Having started the Student Startup Weekend Dublin event series back in 2015 which has grown every year since to the point where we had 220 students in Dublin apply to take part last November, my goal is to have a Student MegaSW in Dublin this year and to spread Student Startup Weekends to more cities across Ireland in 2018 to get even more young people involved in our SW community!

Ellie Torlot Ellie Torlot
Given her passion for travel, culture and people, Ellie studied Social Anthropology and French in Northern Ireland before returning to London to work with startups & SMEs. As a Regional Manager at Techstars, she focuses on supporting the growth of communities & ecosystems across Western Europe.