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Congratulations to the following teams for making the cut in the Education, Empowered Track powered by General Assembly! From here, these teams will move on to be scored by our judges, including the co-founders of General Assembly and education leaders and investors! (There were so many awesome teams helping to improve and empower education, we decided to go with a Top 19 instead of just 15)


Name: Major Slam

From: North Lebanon, Lebanon
Major Slam is the first educational platform that aids students discover their passion, relate it to an appropriate major, and find the convenient university to study that major. This platform will provide students worldwide an access to all the necessary information in an organized, advanced and credible way. Students will be able to take the right decision about their field of specialization.


From: Boston, United States
Newhall is a dynamic community geared towards high school students that allows users to securely showcase personalized portfolios of their interests, hobbies, and talents both inside and outside the classroom. These portfolios are housed on a customizable, searchable platform that, once students give permission, can be accessed by teachers, recruiters, colleges, and employers.


From: Lexington, Kentucky, United States
FinanceU is an innovative platform that allows students to “build their own scholarship” through the concept of crowdfunding. On our platform, students have the tools to professionally market their aspirations and abilities in an objective and subjective manner. From this, donors can discover students, accuratly assess their potential, and support them not only financially but also by engaging in meaningful relationships. FinanceU is going to revolutionize how students afford college.

Galois Games

From: Colombia, Bogota
Galois Games teaches kids maths through gaming. We teach and reinforce math concepts in a fun way while providing valuable progress data to their parents. Our team is composed of mathematicians, developers, designers and entrepreneurs who believe math are beautiful. We are passionate about technology, education, and video games hence we designed a cross-platform, fully-functional mobile and web platform to encourage our children to learn a very important subject while they have fun.


From: Tehran, Iran
GreenCarpet is a cross platform mobile game which is a massively multiplayer online game app on mobile, with trees. This mobile game renews ties between mankind and nature by motivating players to care about trees and environment. During this game, players learn how to plant and care about trees.


From: Detroit, Michigan, United States
MagicBook is a mobile app that makes paper books come alive. Created by four people who value social capital, we want to help kids develop a lifelong love for books and reading. Using augmented reality, MagicBook allows kids to use the technology they love to engage with books right off their shelf, in a whole new way. Vote for us and help us help the next generation of kids to grow up loving the magic that is in books. Learn more at getmagicbook.co


From: Valparaiso, Chile
Would you like to learn a new skill, perhaps a new instrument or language but classes are too costly? Now you can learn skills for free with SkillSwap. Our online platform aims to establish a community of people who want to exchange their abilities through the use of a virtual currency. Every time you take a class you spend a star, and every time you teach one, you gain one. With an international team, and the existence of various types of skills, the possibilities are endless.


From: Santa Barbara, California, United States
Miyagi, the app that connects tutors & students (SWSB 1st Place Winner & Crowd Favorite). Using a model similar to Uber & AirBnB, Miyagi connects students & parents directly with qualified local tutors. Over time, Miyagi could have a global impact. In the latest report by the Program for International Student Assessment, the US ranked 29th, which is more than disappointing – it doesn’t add up. While Miyagi may not solve every problem, it has tremendous potential to help level the playing field.

Doctor Text

From: Colombia, Bogota
Doctor Text is a tool for those who are frequently worried when it’s time to write. Our idea is focused mainly on people that have no idea of how to organize their ideas but are interested in learning and receiving help from an expert.


From: Nottingham, United Kingdom
EduHop is an easy to use flashcards app for students to learn whenever you have a moment, focusing on revising notes intelligently over time for long term knowledge retention, collaborative note creation and learning, premium quality pre-made flashcards, and high accessibility with low effort! This all leads to one thing: Maximum results, minimum effort. We’re a small team, 3 of whom are university students, and so have direct access to and a deep understanding of our target userbase.

ATHENE Education Analytics

From: Curitiba, Brazil
The way that teachers are teaching is not good enough for our students. New methodolys are been used. But, how to identify the best methodoly? We have a solution for that. ATHENE solution will identify the best teaching methodoly. Our start up developed a multi-platform system that allows students and teachers to evaluate in real time if the methodology used in that class is working well.


From: Colombia, Bogota
PEQUEÑOS EMPRENDEDORES (LITTLE ENTREPRENEURS) is an interactive platform that developes entrepreneurship skills to pre-teenagers, using digital edutainment it is education + entertainment, with multimedia, games and more. The kids cross this cicle of learning enjoying 6 topics and finally they show The Great Idea, a bussiness idea. Teachers can use it too, into the schools to reinforce the entrepreneurship class, or they can use it in the extracurricular boot camps for kids that we offer too.

9 Volt Kids

From: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
9 Volt Kids is an online math library geared toward middle-school math students. They build a profile based on their interests and math skills, and are provided with problems to solve based on their input. Inquiry and discovery are the goals, and as students reach them they earn points to track their progress. A Common Core aligned tool for visual and kinesthetic learners. Founded by Ashley Bowen, Special Educator.


From: San Jose, Costa Rica
We were joined for the same cause: prevent teen pregnancy. Our team leader is Ana Javier, Project Manager of FUNDEVI; Michael an administrator with knowledge of the economic environment, Nayuribe Industrial Design Engineering student; Nelson an entrepreneur with knowledge in digital engineering design; Fabian Mora, graphic design and web developer; Diana biotechnology student and Francisco administrator and information technology student. All eager to make a change.


From: Giza, Egypt
In the beginning god created man and woman, and he also created 2 perspectives and mindsets and lifestyles, masculine and feminine. Our project “balance” is the solution for problems in relationships. We will organise public and private events with workshops and community engagement activities where our customers learn about the 2 perspectives.

Match To Learn

From: Dallas, Texas, United States
Match To Learn will connect students and tutors based on personality and learning styles. By connecting and sustaining quality long-lasting relationships, we will equip the tutor, therefore, empowering the student. No other company in the industry matches clients and tutors the way we do. MTL is an internet based business with app capabilities. Clients & tutors will be able to take the assessment online for free, learn about their personal style then we match based on compatibility.


From: Dallas, Texas, United States
How many times you were shy to ask a question to your professor in front of your classmates? We have the solution! Now anonymously ask questions to your professor using our real time web based platform. The interface is absolutely easy to use for both teachers and students. We also log the database of all the questions to come up with question bank of classroom questions. We are AnonyQ — Adding IQ through AnonyQ.

Allow Me

From: Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Allow Me is a fun web application that educates children about financial management by tracking chores, allowance earnings and savings. The app works like simple online banking but in an offline private environment. Allow Me is composed of three members: Noah Overcash, age 13, inspiration and developer, entrepreneur, middle school student, Boy Scout (Life Rank), and lover of almost all things IT. Caroline Overcash, attorney/geocacher Sharon Craig, programmer/artist. Vote for us!


From: Seattle, Washington, United States
Lighthouse uses the latest in nearable technology to generate a sensory range in which the student can be uniquely identified by their teacher. The teacher then uses the Lighthouse app to keep track of their students and receive alerts when they are no longer in range of a caretaker. Lighthouse is tailored for students with special needs, a market currently under-served and in need of a better solution. The development of Lighthouse occurred in 54 hours during Startup Weekend EDU Seattle 2014.


Inspired? Want to build your own education startup? The Education Entrepreneurs community offers a plethora of opportunities to support innovators in education.


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