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Global Startup Battle just ended, and the year is winding down. The sixth edition of GSB was another great success! Thousands of participants came together in 60 countries across the world to innovate, build new companies, make new connections, and create something great! And GSB remains the biggest startup battle in the world!

Global Startup Battle is a truly exciting time for people and ideas to come together and battle it out over a weekend. Fortunately, Startup Weekend events happen through out the year, so you do not have to wait until next November for GSB to get your hands dirty in building a startup. This year, Community Leaders organized over 950 Startup Weekend Events, with over 45,000 attendees!

Interested in trying out a Startup Weekend event? Or possibly preparing for next year’s Global Startup Battle? We asked some of this year’s top GSB teams to share how the experience was valuable for them and this is what they said:



  • “Most of the fun is working with other people; part of it is the idea you come out with. The team is often more important than a good idea.” – Team Floop, Education through Video and Beyond Track Winner
  • “GSB is really one of the most productive and incredible weekends that are offered to people that really want to get their feet wet in the startup community…You can’t change the world if you never try.” – Team UGO, Mobile Growth Track Winner
  • “Just before pitching the idea I thought this would be a good experience, but after two days of inspiration and growth I realized it is actually the memories from this experience that I will stay with me. I didn’t think of winning Global Battle, I just kept my expectations high. The hard work and the need to always be ready to learn something new made proved to be great lessons.” – Team Smart Case, Innovators Track Winner
  • “The biggest thing I learned is that the team you pick really, really matters. You all need to ‘click’ to understand each other, and be passionate about what you’re doing. If someone on the team doesn’t fit the bill, then they’re only going to drag the others down.” – Team Come Along, Disruptors and Big Ideas Track Finalist
  • “One of the highlights was analyzing how environments inspire us: those in different city structures and climates had different innovations. Ideas ranged from those ensuring user safety, to advancements in modern gaming, and new ways of approaching common tasks. Although the Global Startup Battle was considered a competition, it was simply a community where like-minded individuals united to share their vision. We would recommend the Global Startup Battle to those interested in connecting with other teams and developing their ideas through the benefaction of wonderful sponsors.” – Team Culitech, the Winner of Startup Weekend Vancouver 2015 and recipient of their local Most Disruptive Idea Award
  • We really enjoyed the experience of the GSB! It was quite a challenge for us, because we are still young and quite inexperienced. The idea of getting people to vote for their favorite project was really great. It was a good occasion to create a community around us on social networks! In general, it was an amazing experience!” – Team SyncrHome, Champions Track Finalist
  • “It was a very rewarding experience to be named a top finalist in a global startup competition and to receive positive feedback from YouTube judges about our unique approach to education through user-generated videos and online testing. We are excited to move forward with our software and services.” – Team Test and Teach, Education Through Video and Beyond Track Finalist
  • “Because the Education Hackathon was industry targeted (something I had not experienced before), it created a cleaner focus for the seminars and mentors.  I liked this.  The event also attracted subject matter experts, not just techies, which was of immense benefit for product design purposes.”  – Team Learn Log, Education Through Video and Beyond Track Finalist
  • “Being part of the Global Startup Battle was a lovely experience, we have learnt to package our solution better as well as sell our idea out of our little corner. We also had to opportunity to increase our team size at Startup Weekend, adding people to improve our weak areas. It has been beautiful and all thanks to Techstars.” – Team FlowByte, Great in the Making Track Finalist
  • “There is nothing stopping us from turning our dreams into reality, and building a successful business out of passion, hard work, and strong relationships. We were a group of eight complete strangers at the start of the weekend – five of whom were still at high school; we are now the Asia-Pacific champions of the 2015 Global Startup Battle, and in the process of commercialising our Gold Coast Startup Weekend concept.” – Team Genesis AR, Champions Track Finalist
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We hope to see you at a Startup Weekend  in 2016, find one near you here! Ready to take the next step? Check out other opportunities through Startup Next or Techstars accelerators!

Happy New Year!


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